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15 current models tested

ADAC summer tire test: large range with good quality – but there are outliers

23.03.2021 13:00 updated: 23.03.2021 13:00

Some summer tires perform well in the ADAC test

New summer tires due? ADAC has now tested 32 tires in two sizes. Most of them perform well, but there are outliers and many can’t do everything equally well.

Car repair shops will soon be very busy again. With the spring* stands the tire changing season into the house. Who new summer tires needs, finds large range with often very decent and good quality before. This shows the current summer tire test from ADAC. The car club has a total of 32 tires for the compact class (tire dimension 205/55 R16) and the mid-range (225/50 R17) under the magnifying glass.

They had to prove themselves in the categories „dry", „wet", „noise, „fuel consumption and "wear prove themselves. About one fifth of the models (7) cut „good" about two-thirds (23) are „satisfactory". One tire is „poor". The only retread, and the cheapest at 42 euros, is"sufficient“.

ADAC: tires have become better and better over the years

„The tire quality has consistently improved over the last few years", says ADAC spokeswoman katja legner. The ADAC test criteria but are very demanding, so that tires with "satisfactory could already be a recommendable choice. „But there are always outliers", says legner. „Also some models are specialists, for example particularly well on wetness cut and fall for it in other disciplines somewhat off, for instance with the verschleib.“

Summer tires: a trio has the edge in the compact category

Three models of the 205/55 R16 tires performed poorly in the „good" from: the "continental premium contact 6" (grade 2.2) for 94 euros, the "semperit speed-life 3" for 76 euro (2,2) as well as the "bridgestone turanza T005" for 87 euros (2.3). All three are all-rounders that score well in almost all categories according to ADAC.

One of the 11 tires with „satisfactory" is the "goodyear efficientgrip performance 2" (2,6) for 89 euro. Outperforms all other tires of its size in terms of wear and tear and manages 55.000 kilometer twice as much as a likewise „satisfactory" (3,0) rated tire for 71 euros. The red lantern is worn here by the only retreaded tire in the test for 42 euros, which is only available with „sufficient" (3,6) is rated. It conserves resources and has a low price, but this is at the expense of safety.

Summer tires in ADAC test: one fails – brakes too poorly in the wet

ADAC awards a quartet of tires in the 225/50 R17 dimension with the grade good from. This is how the "falken azenis" is rated (2.1) for 118 euros, the "continental premium contact 6" (2,2) for 148 euro, the "kumho ecsta PS71" (2,3) for 108 euro as well as the "bridgestone turanza T005" (2.5) for 138 euro- they also prove their worth in wet and dry conditions and are economical in terms of fuel consumption and wear and tear.

Twelve models are „satisfactory" and one is „poor" (4,9): the tire of a well-known brand manufacturer for 116 euro showed too poor results when braking on wet roads. The car came to a stop almost two vehicle lengths later than with the best in this discipline in this size: the "semperit speed-life 3" for 126 euro, the total satisfactory (2.9) section. (dpa/ahu)*tz.De is part of the nationwide ippen-digital editorial network.

More about the ADAC-test interested parties can find out more here.

Also interesting: sahara dust in the air: ADAC warns of damage to cars and motorcycles tips on how to avoid them.

Stvo amendment 2020: these road signs are new to traffic

StVO-Novelle 2020: These road signs are new in the traffic

the traffic sign for the no overtaking zone should be familiar to all motorists. this new road sign is a variation of the one. It applies explicitly as a ban on overtaking single-track vehicles. This means that multi-lane vehicles (cars, trucks) are not allowed to overtake motorcycles or bicycles* in sections of road marked with this traffic sign. © federal road agency

StVO amendment 2020: these road signs are new to traffic

this road sign also serves to protect cyclists. It marks an area that is considered a bicycle zone. This means that drivers are only allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 30 km/h from this sign onwards. In addition, you must not endanger or obstruct bicycle traffic. © Federal Highway Research Institute

StVO amendment 2020: These road signs are new in traffic

let’s be honest: probably many cyclists have made use of this rule anyway – even if it has been considered a violation up to now. Now, turning right at a red light is officially allowed – at least where the green arrow for cyclists indicates it.The same traffic sign has existed for some time for car drivers as well. But there is still a lot of ignorance among road users regarding the green arrow*. Because correctly you have to behave here as with a stop sign. This means that the vehicle must first come to a complete stop and, according to road traffic regulations, remain stationary for at least three seconds. Only then are you allowed to turn right at a red light, provided that no other road user is endangered. The same rules apply to cyclists. © federal road agency

StVO amendment 2020: These road signs are new in traffic

this traffic sign indicates cycle lanes regardless of the road condition. For example, in the case of sandy roads, it should be made clear that this is a cycle lane. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new in traffic this road sign is intended to keep areas free for load bikes in the future, such as parking areas, parking spaces or loading zones. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new in traffic vehicles of carsharing services* must be clearly recognizable with this sticker on the windshield. The company name as well as the license plate must be visible on it. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new to traffic cars, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians: most road users have a corresponding symbol for traffic signs. From now on there is also one for carpools. However, there are not yet any areas where this could be used. The same applies to the following traffic sign. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen stvo-novelle 2020: these road signs are new to traffic also carsharing vehicles get their own emblem. It is to be used, among other things, in parking areas intended for carsharing cars. © bundesanstalt fur strabenwesen

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