Selling your own car step by step: technology, price and documents

There are a few things to consider when selling a car. These tips are worth money and save trouble.

Selling your car step by step: Technology, price and documents

Whatever the reason for selling your car: here are some valuable tips. With the help of this guide, you will be well prepared for the transaction and will be able to make it safely. Here you will learn, among other things, that

  • You should document damage thoroughly.
  • the best way to evaluate your car is by online comparison.
  • The general warranty exclusion is problematic.

By the way, the best time of year for selling a car is spring. in the cold months there are fewer interested parties. Except those who need a cheap winter vehicle. If your car is eligible, you should offer it for sale in the fall.

Technical inventory of the used car

First of all you have to take a close look at your car. Of course you know what damages are present. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to document all traces of use with a keen eye. It is best to photograph it. On the one hand, this means you are well prepared for the sales meeting. On the other hand, you have pictures of the important damages in stock for your advertisement.

In addition to appearance and technology, the following points are also part of the inventory:

  • Has all maintenance been carried out according to the checkbook?? Which ones are coming up soon?
  • Does the electrical system work? Light outside and inside, control lever etc.
  • What about servo oil, brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, windshield wiper fluid??
  • How high is the tire tread? The legal requirement is 1.6 mm, recommended is 3 or. 4 mm for summer resp. Winter tires.
  • If there are cracks or crazing in the windshield, you should?
  • Is the interior dry and smells neutral?
  • Is the battery charged?

Make a note of all defects and indicate them, especially in the sales contract (s. U.). It is not about every dent, but about serious defects. Even invisible defects in the technology you should not conceal. If there are any hazards, you can also liable afterwards are made.

new drivers car sale car wash

Cleaning the used car

Of course you should check your car before you advertise it Clean thoroughly. A trip to the car wash is mandatory. Think also about the interior: vacuum it and remove stains, if any.

In the case of light odors, it is usually sufficient to distribute coffee bags in the car for several days. In worse cases helps an ozone treatment for ca. 60 €. The car is fumigated for several hours. If it’s worth it in the long run, you can get the appropriate equipment.

Once the car has been cleaned, it is best to take some pictures afterwards. Take pictures:

  • The vehicle from all sides. But not in the shade and certainly not with reflections from trees o. a. On the paint
  • Major damage
  • The interior: dashboards, upholstery, trunk, damaged areas

Repairs and pricing of used cars

Used car maintenance before sale

Think about what you want to invest in your car before you sell it. On the one hand, this is associated with an increase in value. On the other hand, the costs must of course be reasonable relation to the value stand.

The decisive factor is what potential buyers might expect. Minor sheet metal or. Damage to paintwork can be repaired with smart repair today. It is also advisable to main inspection to be renewed. Many prospective buyers think they are on the safe side with this approach.

For (checkbook)maintained used cars with a value of several thousand euros, it is probably worthwhile to have a final inspection or. Inspection in the workshop. It can also be useful to find out about potential weak points of the model and eliminate them. for savvy interested parties inform themselves in advance about.

Determining the value of a used car: certificates and comparison

ADAC and DEKRA offer private individuals and dealers the service of a thorough check of a vehicle for sale. If the inspection is done for approx. 100 € (depending on the size), it receives z. B. The DEKRA used car seal. Depending on the order, you will receive an estimate of the value of the car.

TuV, ADAC and schwacke are also well-known points of contact for evaluating the vehicle. The inspection of the vehicle is always subject to a fee. Caution: the cheapest package often only includes the hard facts such as model, mileage and equipment.

To set the price, just look for your model on the big ones used car portals. look for similar condition, technical defects and your regional market. Where there is less competition, z. B. In less densely populated areas, used cars are usually more expensive.

As approximate lower price limit you can choose the dealer sales value minus 15 orient. If necessary, start with a higher price and then lower it gradually.

Possibilities of selling a used car

Selling used cars online or to dealers

After the valuation you have to decide where you want to sell your car. The classic variant: bulletin boards or newspaper ads.

For private individuals, specialized internet sites or marketplaces are easiest, z. B. Mobile.De, autoscout24 or. Ebay. There you will find predefined categories and an automated data query. Do not forget to add important information. These include:

  • Repaired previous damage
  • special equipment
  • conversion measures

Alternatively you can sell your car to a dealer. This can be quite uncomplicated, but often brings less money. After all, dealers have to allow for a profit margin. When buying a new car, it is a good idea to trade in your car at the dealer.

A special case are the so-called export dealer. Everyone knows the cards that are regularly stuck to the side windows of cars. If your car is only worth a few hundred euros, you can try your luck at an export dealer. But be prepared for tough negotiations.

In the meantime there are also internet portals, which buy virtually any car. There they get although temptingly high prices indicated. However, as soon as the sale is pending, you will be mercilessly bargained down because of alleged defects. So be skeptical.

Selling a used car: preparation, processing and necessary documents

Think about how many potential buyers you want to reach and how you can arrange visits in advance.

For the car sale you should set up a new e-mail address with a free provider such as yahoo or GMX. It is also best to use telephone number, you are not dependent on. because especially with models in demand or with low prices it can happen that you are contacted incessantly.

What’s more, they should expect ridiculously low offers. This can be useful if your vehicle is already older or has a. In bad condition is. However, you should expect that the dealer will not come to the inspection alone and try to put pressure on you.

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