Search for an explanation

Search for an explanation

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Nothing happened in the end. But the State Security Service in North Rhine-Westphalia is investigating the discovery of a Bundeswehr hand grenade in front of a Protestant church in Duren. Has the weapon simply not been disposed of properly??

The grenade was in a trash can next to the entrance of the church. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the State Security Service in Aachen to Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND). According to the report, the secured weapon was found as early as 22. September by a sexton found immediately before a service of the Duren Christ Church.

The church community called in the police. A demolition expert from the State Criminal Police Office determined that the grenade came from Bundeswehr stocks and did not contain any explosives.

Find also occupies German Bundestag

According to security circles, the Duren hand grenade find is now also occupying the German Bundestag. Accordingly, the Federal Ministry of Defense was asked by the Parliamentary Control Committee to provide information about the origin of the weapon. The panel monitors the work of the German intelligence services.

According to the State Security Service, it has so far not been possible to determine who deposited the hand grenade in front of the church. There are no indications of a political background.

In the meantime, the police also ame that no crime has been committed. "The investigation has not revealed any criminal background," Aachen police spokesman Paul Kemen told the Evangelical Press Service (epd) on Thursday.

The hand grenade had been thrown into a trash can wrapped in a garbage bag, the spokesman explained. This is not proper disposal of metal, but not a crime.

Churches repeatedly threatened

Because of its commitment to refugees and the granting of church asylum for rejected asylum seekers, the church congregation in Duren has repeatedly been threatened, according to RND. In the neighboring community of Aldenhoven, a pastor was attacked in his home by unknown persons with irritant gas three years ago. The clergyman had to be treated in hospital.

According to RND information, training grenades of the type "DM12" were also found at the home of a leading member of the association "Uniter", which is suspected of being part of a right-wing terrorist network of former and active Bundeswehr soldiers.

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