Rumors swirl around anglican-catholic document

Representatives of the Anglican Church have denied press reports about a reunion with the Catholic Church under the leadership of the Pope. The publication of the British Times newspaper distorts the true intent of a joint Anglican-Catholic document and turns years of efforts to reach understanding into a supposed sensation, according to a statement released Monday evening in London. The Times had reported Monday on alleged "radical proposals" to reunite the two churches under Roman leadership.

The paper cited the 42-page draft of a review paper prepared by the Anglican-Catholic Joint International Commission (IARCCUM).Two leading Anglican heads of the body now maintain that the document was neither finally agreed between Rome and London nor accurately reproduced.

Threat of rupture of Anglican church unity Archbishop John Bathersby and Bishop David Beetge criticize, among other things, that the Times is already speculating about possible reactions of the Catholic Church to an impending break in Anglican church unity. In this regard, both the Pontifical Council for Unity and Benedict XVI should have. Personally expressed repeatedly in public a desire that the unity of the 78 million Anglicans worldwide be preserved. In the past, liberal tendencies within the Anglican Church had repeatedly led to an exodus of priests and faithful to the Catholic Church.At present, 35 of the 38 heads of the Anglican national churches are meeting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in order to prevent a final break between the conservative and the liberal wings. Ies of contention include, above all, the ordination of women as bishops, the treatment of professedly homosexual priests and church ceremonies for same-sex couples.

Neither radical nor new Anglican theologians explain that the position paper "very honestly" reflects those positions that representatives of both sides have worked out in 35 years of joint discussions. These are neither radical nor new, nor do they sweep existing differences under the rug. The theological differences would be discussed in separate inserts of the document. Although the Times article raises distorted expectations, it is hoped that the joint document can be useful on the long road to full church communion, the two bishops said.

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