Royal interview: british press demands correction

The dispute between the Royals and the British press does not come to a halt. In the big reveal interview with US talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey last Sunday had Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan not only harsh accusations against the royal family were voiced – the British press was also heavily criticized.

Using superimposed excerpts of media reports from the "Daily Mail not only made it clear that Duchess Kate comes off much better in the press than Meghan – the English online newspaper was also accused of racist undertones. Regarding these accusations is now a content Anpang of the CBS-Conversation demanded.

Racism allegations: Associated Newspapers demands content pang

The US reporter "Deadline" has received a letter of complaint from Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the tabloid Daily Mail, to the company ViacomCBS Before. The letter specifically requests the removal of "inaccurate, misleading and controversial" content.

Lawyers for the British media company complained that edited images were shown in the CBS special, headlines were taken entirely out of context. The montages of the Newspaper clippings in the TV production were thus falsely "used as evidence to support the claim that the Duchess of Sussex was treated in a racist manner by the British press". If the polarizing interview is to be rebroadcast, the scenes should be removed. A statement from ViacomCBS is still pending at this time.

According to "Deadline" the Reveal interview Viewed by 60 million people worldwide so far. 17.1 million viewers tuned in for the premiere alone.

Duchess Meghan was already involved in a lawsuit with Associated Newspapers

The current media spat follows a legal battle Meghan herself had with Associated Newspapers. Triggered were excerpts of a letter from the U.S. to her father, Thomas Markle Sr., that "Daily Mail" and "Mail on Sunday" had published in 2019. The former actress felt she was misrepresented in the reports and won the lawsuit against the media outlet.

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