Respect and unconditional recognition

Respect and unconditional recognition

Shortly before Katholikentag, prominent CDU politicians have spoken out in favor of protecting permanent same-sex partnerships through the Basic Law. Article 6 of the Basic Law should be supplemented accordingly, it said.

The group published a corresponding article on the blog "kreuz-und-quer", published in". The authors are the president of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), Thomas Sternberg, his predecessors in office Alois Gluck and Bernhard Vogel, Bundestag President Norbert Lammert, former Thuringian Prime Minister Dieter Althaus, former ZdK Secretary General Friedrich Kronenberg, and former Bundestag member Hermann Kues. They all see themselves as committed Catholics and co-edit the blog.

An amendment to the Basic Law could "preserve legal peace in an important socio-political ie and at the same time pay appropriate respect to a different way of life," say the authors. Same-sex couples who take on binding, permanent responsibility for each other are "entitled to special protection from the state order" and deserve "unconditional recognition".

No equality with marriage

At the same time, the authors explicitly oppose equality with marriage between a man and a woman. "If you want to do justice to a situation, you have to treat equal things equally and unequal things unequally." There is no reason to put the "intrinsic profile of marriage" into perspective, she said. It is "a permanent partnership between a man and a woman and the basis for a family from which children can be born".

Posters calling for "marriage for all" do nothing to change this inequality, it continues. Gender relations and family structures are fundamental ies, she says. "They require careful attention and should not be labeled 'modern' or 'backward'." Both points of view deserved respect and tolerance.

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