Rent a car – this is what you should pay attention to

Renting a car involves rights and obligations for both parties to the contract. The user of the rented car has the right to use the rented vehicle until the agreed return time. in addition, the obligation to return it to the respective rental station without damage and to pay the rental price. In order to avoid disputes with the landlord and to be able to rent a car without any problems, the tenant should follow some rules.

Check the rental car inside and out for visible defects

if you want to rent a car without any problems, you should carefully inspect the outside of the rented vehicle before using it for the first time. In this way he can determine if there is any visible damage, such as scratches and other damage to the bodywork. As a renter of a vehicle, you should also take a close look at the steering play, the mileage and the profile of the tires.

Whether at home or abroad: cars should be checked carefully before renting (c) istock / ijzendoorn

Rent a car sign

Furthermore, of course, the brakes and lights must work, as well as the license plate must be mounted correctly. the vehicle must also be inspected from the inside for damage, so that the renter is not blamed for scorch marks on the seats that he did not cause. Finally, the renter does not have to accept the vehicle presented to him and can ask for another one. If the vehicle has external damages, these are to be noted in the handing over protocol, otherwise the landlord can claim with the return of the vehicle, the damages had caused the current tenant. More tips on how to avoid trouble with the car rental company can be found here on earth.De.

Pay attention to the insurance coverage

If you want to have a comprehensive insurance cover, you should already look for a favorable insurance package when booking, which should at least consist of a fully comprehensive and theft policy. For the fully comprehensive insurance, the renter can usually choose between a rate with or without deductible. those who want to rent a car without any problems and reserve it in advance on the internet or by phone should make sure that they receive a confirmation of the reservation. This is especially important if the rental car is urgently needed later, for example, to attend an important business meeting. Because then he has proof of the timely reservation. When returning the vehicle, it is important to confirm that no damage was caused during the rental period by making a handover report.

Rent a car abroad

Especially in foreign countries it is not always easy to rent a car without any problems. The renter should not sign anything that he does not understand. Sometimes renters try to include some insurances in the contract, which you don’t need at all. This can be very expensive for the renter. If you rent a car abroad, you should always ask for a German version of the contract so that you can read the small print. This is usually possible in all tourist centers.

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