Registering your car online: this is how digital registration works

Those who have spent a lot of time in the queue for vehicle registration at the registration office can be happy in the future, because it is now possible to register cars online thanks to the i-kfz project of the ministry of transport. You can find out here which requirements and documents are necessary for this purpose.

Registering your car online: this is how digital registration works

In the future, some car owners will no longer need to go to the registration office for vehicle-related tasks. A new digital service has been making this possible since 1 January 2009. October 2019 possible. With the so-called i-kfz, the legislator has introduced the next step in the registration process digital vehicle registration rung. Good news for all those who are regularly annoyed by the waiting times that are the order of the day for an appointment at the registration office. Especially in large cities, it is not uncommon for car owners to stand in line for hours to register a car.

Car owners will be able to arrange the following online in the future:

  1. Decommissioning of a vehicle
  2. Re-registration of a vehicle
  3. New vehicle registration
  4. vehicle transfer in case of change of owner and transfer of license plates

registering a car online: advantages and disadvantages

The large advantage: the digital processing of the registration via the portals of the responsible registration authorities is absolutely secure due to the use of security codes – and can be carried out independent of time and place. The online registration of vehicles finally offers a comprehensive service that can completely replace the need to go to the authorities to register a vehicle.

However: there are some requirements that must be met in order for owners to be able to register their new car online or carry out other registration-related tasks. For example, depending on the occasion, current registration certificates with a hidden security code, which only relatively new vehicles have, are required. This will be rubbed out in the registration process. This is just one example of the requirements that differ for the various occasions. One of the occasions that can now be done from the comfort of your home is the digital registration of a new car. We present this in detail here as an example.

registering a new car online: what do i need??

To ensure that the new procedure functions smoothly, a few conditions must be observed. these requirements must be met – otherwise it is not possible to register the vehicle online.

  • age of the vehiclethe new registration of a brand new vehicle requires that the car is registered for the first time.
  • Registration certificateif you want to register your car using the new online procedure, you will need the registration certificate part II with hidden security code. This will be released later.
  • Confirmation of insuranceno registration without insurance – even if you want to register your car online, you will need proof of insurance. A valid electronic insurance confirmation is required for i-cars.
  • Account detailsA valid account for the collection of the vehicle tax is also required. To do this, you need to enter your IBAN.
  • proof of identityonly holders of a new identity card (npa for short) or people who have an electronic residence permit (eat for short) with an activated online ID function, the so-called oath, can register their car online.

Step by step to online registration

And this is how the online registration of a new vehicle works:

  1. You identify yourself in the online portal of the competent authority by means of an appropriate proof of identity.
  2. you expose the security code on the registration certificate part II.
  3. You enter your data.
  4. Select a license plate.
  5. The data is automatically checked by the system.
  6. You pay the fees by online bank transfer or by direct debit.
  7. The registration application is sent to the relevant authority, where a clerk will check your application.
  8. You will receive the registration notice by mail, together with the fee notice, the registration certificate, and the sticker holder and the stamp sticker holders – including the stickers for the car license plate.
  9. Stick the registration sticker on the license plate – and then the car is officially allowed on the road.

Only the license plates for the vehicle must be obtained additionally. The GOOD NEWSVehicle owners can have the license plates embossed immediately after submitting the application for delivery to the authority. If you also want to save yourself the trip to the sign maker, you can also access a digital service provider. license plates can also be ordered online from reputable providers and are usually delivered within shortest time window supplied. However, only after applying the stickers legal validity. The mail from the registration authority must therefore be waited for.

A fee of 27.90 euros is charged for online registration. This is slightly more expensive than registering in person at the registration office, but saves waiting time.

Can the online application also be carried out by technically inexperienced users??

For anyone who has had little contact with the online services of the authorities, the online registration process seems quite extensive at first glance. Nevertheless, the new procedure is also suitable for users with little technical knowledge.

To make it easier for less experienced users to get started, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has published detailed step-by-step instructions for all usage situations, including videos and images. This guides users through the process. For example, the following video guides users through the process of affixing the stamp stickers.

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