Registering a car: what you need to know about vehicle registration

You have successfully completed the purchase of your car and are now looking forward to your first drive in your new car? Before you can start, you have to register your car at the vehicle registration office. Find out what you need to know about vehicle registration and which documents are required for it.

Legal basis for car registration

After buying a car, you must register your new vehicle with the registration office. Only after the vehicle registration you are allowed to drive the car on the road. in germany, every vehicle user is additionally obliged to obtain a car insurance to be completed. So the first step before the actual registration of the car is to take out a car insurance policy. You will then receive a EVB number, which serves as proof for the authorities and proves that your car is covered by a motor vehicle insurance.

documents for car registration

To register your register vehicle at the registration office are the following documents to be presented:

  • valid identity card or passport
  • EVB number as electronic insurance confirmation
  • Zulassungsbescheinigung part I (formerly fahrzeugschein)
  • Registration certificate part II (formerly vehicle title)
  • Proof of the last main inspection at the TuV
  • COC certificate of the manufacturer for new cars
  • Written power of attorney in case of representation

The registration certificate divides into two documents. Part 1 contains technical data for your vehicle, which will be checked by the authorities as part of the registration process. In the second part information about the vehicle owner deposited. In the case of a new car, there is no vehicle registration document yet. It is drawn up by the motor vehicle authority when the vehicle is first registered.

With the COC papers prove that the vehicle type of your car is registered in germany. However, they are only required if your vehicle is registered as a new car. If you are not going to register your car yourself, you should give the person who is going to do it for you a written power of attorney give.

The registration office offers a form, which you simply fill out and sign.

When registering your vehicle, you will also need a bank account from which the tax office receives the vehicle tax debit. The tax for your car is paid by SEPA direct debit mandate automatically collected.

Car registration online

Vehicle registration online or at the registration office

You have two options to register your car. The car registration is done either in the registration office at your place of residence or online. The online registration for cars was introduced in october 2019 by the federal ministry of transport as the second variant. For the virtual car registration, however, special rules apply rules: it only works with an identity card that has an online function. You will also need a card reader and an ID card app on your smartphone. Another prerequisite is that your vehicle registered for the first time after may 2015 was.

If you decide to register your vehicle locally, it is best to make an appointment appointment at the registration office, to avoid longer waiting times. At the registration office, clerks check all documents. Among other things, they update the vehicle registration certificate, by registering you as the owner of the vehicle. Afterwards, your registered vehicle will receive a license plate from the authorities new license plate assigned or you choose the license plate of your choice. In the vicinity of the vehicle registration office, there are usually sign makers who produce license plates immediately. With this, you then go back to the registration office, where only the official stamp to be applied.

The registration office will also issue on request a environmental badge, if your car has the appropriate emission standard fulfills. with this you can also drive in environmental zones. With the online registration you simply order the license plates online. You will receive the stickers for the license plates by mail and you have to attach them to the license plates yourself. Then they are valid and you can put the license plate on the car.

registering a new car and re-registering a used car

you were already owner of a used car before buying a new one? Then, before registering the car, you must first remove your old car deregister a car. For the vehicle deregistration you go to the registration office with the vehicle registration document and the old license plates. If you do not sell your deregistered car, but have it scrapped, the disposal company will give you a letter of authorization. It serves as proof for the registration office, which informs both the tax office and the insurance company that your vehicle has been deregistered.

When you register a new car the procedure is slightly different if you want to. The dealer only gives you the registration certificate II and the COC certificate. The vehicle registration certificate is issued by the vehicle registration authority. A certificate for the main inspection is only necessary if the car to be registered is more than three years old.

At buying a used car it is recommended register the car directly with the new owner to let. You should clarify this with the seller of the car right away. The authority then updates the vehicle registration certificate and enters you as the new owner, so that the vehicle is then registered in your name.

License plates with euro symbol

Costs for vehicle registration

When registering a vehicle, the following costs arise costs, which differ from authority to authority. For the registration of a new car you have to pay a fee of about 26 euro to. When registering a used car, the costs vary. the amount of the fee depends on whether there is a change of owner or the vehicle is re-registered in the old or in a new district. The costs in such cases are between 11 euro and 28 euro.

In addition, there are also further costs for new license plates. For desired license plate you have to pay 10,20 euro nationwide and for the manufacture another 20 to 30 euro. The green environmental sticker costs five euros.

Should you need one of the lose registration certificates, the authority creates a new document. The registration office charges up to 45 euros for a new vehicle registration document, while a new vehicle registration document costs up to 70 euros.

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