Prevention work

Prevention work

Students in front of a computer © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

The Diocese of Aachen wants to familiarize the teachers of its eleven schools with the risks of digital media. The aim of the training is to better protect children and young people from Internet dangers such as sexting, stalking and cyberbullying.

In cooperation with the association "Innocence Danger", all teachers are to be trained by March 2018, as the diocese announced in Aachen.

Place of prevention work

Self-promotion on the Internet or sending erotic selfies is high among young people, said the prevention officer of the diocese, Almuth Gruner. Many students, however, are not aware that they lose control over the images on the Internet. That is why schools are an important place for prevention work. "Here we reach almost all children as well as young people for whom their teachers are important contacts," Gruner explained.

Innocence Executive Director Julia von Weiler emphasized, "Digital media are changing relationships, communication and the dynamics of violence." The training of teachers is an important step to better educate and protect children and young people. In the training sessions, the teachers learn to recognize potential dangers and the strategies of perpetrators, as well as how to deal with victims.

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