“Played” is not enough – gta 5 must be inhabited

All pictures: Rockstar.

Claus Jahnel moved to Los Santos

Finally: After years of promo gait, GTA 5 has been published at least for the current consoles of Microsoft and Sony (a Fang ported for the PC is contaminated) and already sets the expected fantastic liaries. Now you have been too easy to make the GTA series considered a pure hype product. In particular, the 3er and 4 series – three individual parts have been published – have shown that this is one of the few brands of pop culture, which couples effective advertising campaigns with an obvious creative brilliance, which creates it again and again, to integrate all important developments in the game industry and to unite with its own innovations for the absolute state of things.

The question was only: What could come to GTA 4? For this game, Rockstar had already a completely popular and passable image of New York named Liberty City created, which had set new mabs as a city simulation. Mabstabe, which were so high that the production studio in the pleasant location was reflected, only to have to be overnight.

So, bags packed and pulled to Los Santos. Aha, I’m a gangster from the hood. Friends and relatives seem to be and special on Crystal Meth, so first set into the car to race a bit through the city.

Of course one is once more impressed. The replica of Los Angeles works virtually as Liberty City. On the other hand, in graphically, the expected leap forward was taken forward – the tree and skyscraper flicker for faster ride or camera movement still a little. However, that does not really surprise that GTA5 has to work with the same graphics processors as the process, but depict a significantly coarse city.

Then it gets dark. My goodness. Now the game is so that one liked as a lover of ambitious video game art almost crying. The lights and neon signs go on and you are pushed. The chronicler was so grabbed that he was a crime to crime and drove directly to the Vinewood lettering in the Vinewood Hills.

You just go over dirt roads, but then he stands like the real in Hollywood. In original gravity, with headlamps, graffiti and all the trimmings. Before that a breathtaking view over the nighty Moloch. You can see the skyline and wine: you can drive to each of these buildings, by no loading times and intermediate screens of it separated. You are here, and the city is it too. To come to a place, it takes as long as you need to go.

The game world is still tagging when you start exploring the hinterland. Here, the experiences that Rockstar has made the Western epic Red Dead Redemption have been drawn to the true innovation leap.

Ultimately, the high standard in terms of simulation was coarse-athstatic drifting quality and graphically refined in details. For this (and that’s more interesting than a few pixels more), it has been possible to extend this standard flat-maby tremendous, so this time not only the city itself, but also the associated district is displayed. The forecast that once GTA 12 will simulate the complete globe at a season of 5000 hours, does not seem to be overperated.

While you arrive in Liberty City as a Mittellot Serb in New York, works out from the little man Fur-Grobe to the boss and the city is slowly leaving, landing here before the bias in a bank collapse with heavy sliding. According to stated heading, you have to race immediately like a credential by the City and is already persecuted by the COPS before a conviction is aware of a crime at all.

The atmospheric beginning of GTA 4, who immediately consciously makes that something rough starts, finds no correspondence here. Soon, however, it shows that the idea of using them three instead of a major character (the player can control three different characters whose destinies are more and more interwoven in the context of history) beneficial to the long-term motivation.

That "More" on flat, especially but also on diverse Schauplatzen – Mountains, Schrottstreiche, Ohlbohrarlachen, Militar complexes, trailer park settlements and many more -, let’s think a little to a mafiose variant of the rather revolutionary just-break series, mimic But especially the story to go new ways, which has been unthinkable at GTA 4.

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