“Petition pro ecclesia”

More than 14.Representatives of the "Petition Pro Ecclesia" initiative presented the German Bishops' Conference in Paderborn with 000 signatures. In their petition, they appeal to the German bishops to, among other things, preserve compulsory celibacy.

In addition, according to the petition, bishops should ensure a dignified celebration of the liturgy and defend traditional beliefs and the Christian image of marriage and the family.

Reaction to a reform paper by professors of theology
The initiative had formed in response to a reform paper by now 300 Catholic theology professors who demanded, among other things, an abolition of compulsory celibacy, greater participation of the laity in church decisions, an improved church legal culture and more respect for personal life decisions. People who lived love and faithfulness in same-sex partnerships or as remarried divorcees should not be excluded from the sacraments.

In their "Petition Pro Ecclesia", the signatories criticize the theologians who have done great damage to the Church and have deceived and unsettled the faithful. Bishops should ensure that research and teaching at theological faculties and institutes "is done in accordance with the teaching of the Church". At the same time, they want to "clearly and audibly stand with our bishops and express our unity with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI"., profess".

P. Langendorfer: open doors are being knocked down
The Secretary of the German Bishops' Conference, Father Hans Langendorfer, accepted the signatures and thanked them on behalf of the bishops. The petition shows the sincere attachment of the signatories to the Church, he said. With many of their demands, they would have opened doors for the bishops.

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