Party without benedict and francis

Party without benedict and francis

Archbishop Georg Ganswein © Andreas Gebert

Celebration in the Vatican Gardens: Georg Ganswein, prefect of the Papal Household and private secretary to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI., will celebrate his 60. Birthday on on 30. July with friends and siblings commit there in the evening.

This is what the archbishop told the Munich-based magazine "Bunte". Neither Pope Francis nor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. would, however, be present. The current head of the Catholic Church was at that time at the World Youth Day in Poland, his predecessor, however, went to bed early.

Benedict XVI. plans surprise gift

Asked if Benedict XVI would surprise him… asked what he would like for his birthday, Ganswein said, "No. As a matter of principle, he does not ask when it comes to gifts. He wants to surprise." The same applies vice versa. The archbishop does not think about a so-called career in the Vatican, according to his own words. In general, the word "career" is a misnomer, Francis even speaks of a "disease".

A possible appointment of his person as a cardinal is therefore also "exclusively at the personal discretion of the Holy Father," the archbishop explained. His task is "to stand my ground here and now, to exercise the office of prefect well and to remain at the side of Pope Benedict as long as he lives.". With both tasks he is more than busy enough and very satisfied, Ganswein stressed.

Decision to become a priest never regretted

According to him, the archbishop has never regretted the decision to become a priest. Nevertheless, he said, there have been times when it has not been easy. "Let's not fool ourselves: Having a good marriage is not easier than being a good priest, and vice versa."Celibacy is very often misunderstood and restricted to sexuality, as if the motto applied: "Who must renounce sex, must also renounce love." This was a fatal error.

Separation from childhood sweetheart a "sacrifice"

Love without sex is very possible. "As a priest, I have the high task of being spiritually fruitful."When he decided as a young man to enter the seminary, it was also a bitter experience for his then childhood friend and for him, Ganswein admitted. "To separate from each other was not easy for both of them."At that moment he felt it was a sacrifice. "Tears have also flowed. With her and with me."

But that is part of the process when one is wrestling with an important decision. After many years, he had accidentally met his childhood friend again at the confirmation of his nephew and her daughter. Married and started a family, he said.

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