Part-time rabbi

Part-time rabbi

Jewish communities should create full-time positions, especially for younger rabbis, demands the chairman of the General Rabbinical Conference of Germany (ARK). But the financial situation of the municipalities would hardly allow it.

From the point of view of the new chairman of the ARC, Andreas Nachama, more Jewish communities should create full positions for rabbis. "Many of the younger rabbis work part-time," the Berlin rabbi told the "Judische Allgemeine" (Thursday). This was not satisfactory, but the financial circumstances of small parishes were "just the way they are". That can't be changed "even by force," Nachama stressed.

Critical discussion at rabbinical conference

The rabbinical conference should be the place where current controversial ies should also be discussed and solutions found, she said. He says it's always easy to say no. "It's better to find a way to then just move certain things forward," Nachama said. Among the contentious ies, for example, were same-sex marriages.

29 rabbis nationwide

Nachama had been elected the new ARK chairman in mid-February. He was unanimously elected as the successor to the emeritus state rabbi Henry G. Brandt determined, who at 92 years of age had no longer stood for office and is now honorary chairman for life. The General Rabbinical Conference is an institution under the umbrella of the Central Council of Jews in Germany with headquarters in Berlin and, according to its own information, currently represents 29 rabbis nationwide.

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