Paris hilton and co.: why the noughties are coming back

Paris hilton and co.: why the noughties are coming back

But that was all just! Elders surprised that pop and fashion are currently making use of the noughties. For today's 20- to 35-year-olds, however, the era of Flip phones
, Hip jeans, It girls like Paris Hilton
(39) and self-burned mix CDs the time of childhood and teenage years – and that is just wildly quoted and nostalgically transfigured.

Jennifer Lopez in Versace dress from 2000 on the catwalk

Donatella Versace
had the decisive idea last year in September and sent Jennifer Lopez down the catwalk in exactly the same jungle dress with which she caused a sensation at the Grammy Awards in 2000," explains expert Annette Weber, who headed the fashion magazine "InStyle" at the time. "Now the noughties are back. Britney Spears memorial looks are booming. Short tops, necessarily belly-free, with a lot of glitter. Black vinyl pants, denim, cowboy boots, even pink jogging suits."

Kendall Jenner with Von Dutch baseball cap and Kim Kardashian with bell bottoms

Instagram stars like Kendall Jenner
(24) show up with Von Dutch baseball caps unavoidable at the time, Kim Kardashian (39) wears lace-up pants with a flare.

Pop star Dua Lipa (24) dances through cyber spaces in her videos, as they were mandatory in the clips around 2000, and the old songs of the pop icon of the decade, Britney Spears
(38), conquer the iTunes charts again. It's been exactly 20 years since her legendary album Oops! … I Did It Again" appeared, the soundtrack to the then ubiquitous ringtones.

Britney Spears' debut single "a pop manifesto"

Now the music magazine "Rolling Stone" ennobled her first single "… Baby One More Time" as the best debut single in pop history: "One of those pop manifestos that heralds a new sound, a new era, a new century. But most importantly, a new star," it.

Fantasy worlds à la "Harry Potter"

The jungle dress of Jennifer Lopez (50) marked a revolution on the Internet: The group Google
became aware of the impact of images based on search queries and invented Google Image Search. About the Internet: Facebook
replaced MySpace, Youtube became a giant, confidence in the blessings of the World Wide Web was still boundless.

Virtual substitute worlds

"People created their virtual substitute world," explains trend researcher Peter Wippermann. "For Western societies were shaken by two traumas: the 11. September 2001 and the banking crisis of 2007."Instead of rebellion, as in the 1970s, escapism prevailed: "This can also be seen in the boom in fantasy worlds, as in 'Harry Potter' and 'Lord of the Rings,' and in the exaggerated outfits of 'The Lord of the Rings Tokio Hotel
or Lady Gaga. Reality and Casting shows
enticed with the promise that anyone could become a star."

Party, fashion and consumption on "Sex and the City"

A sign of displacement: The "Sex and the City" series is set in New York, but the 11. September
does not occur. Instead: Party, fashion, consumption. And women who talked openly about sex.

It's probably this sparkling escapism of the noughties that's in Corona times
Fascinated again.

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