On abuse

On abuse

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Is Bishop Michel Dubost, who had administered the Lyon diocese until 2020, coming to French Guyana? The French newspaper "La Croix" reports that the 78-year-old is to help investigate abuses there.

After his successful mission as diocesan administrator in Lyon (2019-2020) in the wake of the investigation against Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Bishop Michel Dubost is now to help the church in French Guyana, according to the newspaper "La Croix" (online Friday).

Clarification in abuse scandal?

She claims to have learned that the Vatican's Congregation for Missions is sending Dubost to the Cayenne diocese as apostolic administrator (interim leader). His recently retired bishop, Emmanuel Lafont, 75, is under investigation by the Cayenne prosecutor's office for possible sexual favors. Until then, the bishop emeritus is presumed innocent. The Vatican also launched a canonical investigation in early April.

Commitment already pledged

Dubost has already accepted the mission and pledged full commitment, it said. Until his retirement for reasons of age, he was French military bishop (1989-2000) and bishop of Evry in the greater Paris area (until 2017). Dubost, born in Morocco in 1942, already knows French Guyana from his time as military bishop.

The diocese of Cayenne is located in the vicinity of Brazil and Suriname. It belongs to the ecclesiastical province of the Antilles and Guyana and is thus subordinate to the Missionary Congregation. Nevertheless, as a French territory it is also a full member of the French Bishops' Conference.

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