On a conversation with francis

On a conversation with francis

Kim Davis, a U.S. registrar briefly jailed for her opposition to same-sex marriage, says she met with the pope during his U.S. visit.

Francis received the New Apostolic Christian last week at the Vatican embassy in Washington, her lawyer said, according to the CNN network. According to the station, a Vatican spokesman said they would "neither confirm nor deny" the conversation.

Davis said in a statement that the pope thanked her for her courage and advised her to "stay strong". Pope Francis had said in response to a journalist's question on Sunday on his flight back from the U.S. that conscientious objection to an act is a human right that must have a place in any legal system. At the same time, he said he "cannot have all individual cases in mind". He did not mention Kim Davis.

Davis, a member of a Pentecostal church called Solid Rock Apostolic Church and a registrar in the U.S. state of Kentucky, had defied multiple court orders to ie same-sex couples access documents for marriage. She invoked her religious beliefs in the process. A federal judge sent her to preventive detention for six days. Davis stated after her de-long that she would not give up her stance.

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