On a car trip through europe: this is how roadtripping works

on a car trip through europe: this is how roadtripping works

Nose to the grindstone, some laid-back tunes and spontaneous side trips to out-of-the-way places – that’s the road trip feeling many people appreciate. Road trips mean freedom and individuality! Unlike a trip by plane or train, traveling in your own vehicle allows you to easily make spontaneous detours or changes to departure times. Being able to set your own travel speed is a true luxury and certainly the right decision for any adventurer.

No matter how short or long you are on the road, most people think of a road trip as a round trip by car, but of course you can also have a fixed destination. How about a breathtaking lake in austria? Or a relaxing beach in sunny croatia? car trips with destination are the best variant to make the journey comfortable. Traum-ferienwohnungen shows you the best road trips and helps you to find a suitable accommodation in your favorite place.

For whom is a car trip suitable?

Every traveler has individual ideas and preferences when it comes to vacationing. While some people leave their own four walls for a spontaneous short trip, others head off to distant countries for months on end. The way we travel – by plane, train or car – also differs for the different types of vacation. Wonder if you’re the type to take a road trip? A trip with your own car or a rental car is especially suitable for spontaneous people who want to be flexible during their vacation – true adventurer just! not only during the trip you can stop and visit different spots, but also when you arrive at your vacation destination you always have the possibility to visit distant places of interest or leisure activities. This is precisely why a trip by car is recommended for families. After all, children want to be kept busy and are always ready for action!

If you are traveling with several people, you can easily load a lot of luggage into your car and store all the necessary items. This is also for dog owners optimal: blanket, bowl and food fit easily in the luggage compartment. Besides, your four-legged friend can be with you all the time and won’t get into stress during the long trip. If this is the first time you will be traveling with your dog, prepare your pet for a longer trip. Short car trips to a destination your dog loves, or feeding him treats in the car are ideal exercise. More tips for traveling with a dog can be found here.

Attention: a road trip is not suitable for car bums. If you don’t want to deal with possible traffic jams and a long drive, it’s better to take the train or the plane.

How to plan my car trip?

A road trip through europe or germany needs to be planned. It is therefore worthwhile to prepare the journey by car in advance according to your own ideas. This includes route planning as well as booking vacation accommodation at your destination. In the peak season, most accommodations in many regions are fully booked, so you often end up empty-handed if you don’t make a reservation in advance.

the start of a successful road trip begins with the framework of the road trip: you should think about where you want to go, who you want to take with you and when is the best time for a vacation. You also need to decide whether you want to use your own car or rent a car for your trip. after that it is time to start the route. It’s best to set a starting and ending point. In addition, it is important to clarify the question of whether intermediate stops should be made and whether you also want to stay overnight there. If so, a vacation apartment or house must also be rented in these locations.

Is everything prepared? Now that the most important things are done, it’s time to look forward to your road trip. Why not plan some excursions or leisure activities in advance, because the car gives you extra flexibility in doing so!

The 5 most important things for your packing list: road trip essentials

Especially when it’s your first round trip by car, there’s a lot of excitement and fear of forgetting something important. But don’t worry, online you can find numerous packing lists for your road trip. Don’t stress yourself and check off what you need to do or pack before you set off. Our 5 essentials for a road trip are:

  1. papers and documents: before departure, it is necessary to clarify entry formalities and organize documents such as an international driver’s license. Otherwise you will need your passport, vehicle documents, health insurance card and the booking documents of the vacation accommodation. Think also about a suitable travel protection, which protects you on your journey through germany or europe in case of misfortune and breakdowns.
  2. Car paraphernalia: of course you need a navigation system or a smartphone with a map app for a road trip. But there are other things you need to pack in your car as well. For example, you can take warning vests and a first aid kit, so that the safety of all passengers is ensured.
  3. Money: some countries in europe have their own currency, so it is important to have a small amount of the respective foreign currency at hand in addition to your credit card.
  4. entertainmenton long car journeys you should in any case have enough things to keep the passengers busy. especially children want to be entertained with games or films during an hour-long drive. If you want to travel comfortably, pack enough food for your trip. So you don’t have to eat at the crowded rest stops, but can relax and look for a place in the green.
  5. electronics: in addition to your smartphone and the appropriate charging cable, be sure to pack your camera to capture great views or unique vacation experiences at your destination during the drive.

Travel insurance for road trips

Just go where the wanderlust takes you. Nothing and no one can stop you – this is what we expect from a road trip. To make sure nothing can slow you down on your adventure, we recommend taking out travel protection insurance for round trips. Our partner hansemerkur offers suitable arrangements for this purpose, which, in addition to travel protection, also include a car travel protection policy and many other benefits. Take out your europe-wide insurance cover here up to 30 days before the start of your trip or find out about other offers from hansemerkur.

exciting destinations for your road trip: experience europe

When you feel the urge to travel, you can jump in your car and discover the world. You don’t always have to go far away, because you can also discover long coasts, imposing mountains and historic cultural cities in Germany and in neighboring european countries. Vacationing by car is more popular than ever and is bursting with flexibility and convenience. But where is the best place to go? We show you exciting places for your next road trip in europe.

nature-rich austria

A car trip to austria is worth it for the road alone: wonderful scenery, alpine panorama and many spots to stop and take a break. Starting from germany, you can easily reach our neighboring country, because the road and highway network to austria is very well developed. But beware: as soon as you cross the border, you will need a vignette. It must be clearly visible on the inside of the windshield and entitles the holder to use the country’s highways and expressways. A 10-day vignette costs just under ten euros and can be purchased online before departure.

In addition to well-known cities such as vienna and salzburg, green idylls such as lake worthersee are also recommended as destinations for the short road trip. Here you can decide according to your vacation preferences!

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