Not to be shown until further notice

Not to be shown until further notice

Netflix plans a new series: "The Pope" © Alexander Heinl

After fierce protests in Brazil, Netflix is to remove a controversial Jesus parody from its program. The film depicts Jesus as a homosexual joke figure and is causing unrest in Brazil's "majority Christian society," the judge said.

A court in Rio de Janeiro has ordered U.S. streaming service Netflix to cancel its controversial Christmas special "The First Temptation of Christ". This was reported by local media on Wednesday (local time). After a wave of protests against the film, an arson attack was carried out against the production company in Rio de Janeiro at Christmas.

Online petition against the film

The 46-minute film had already caused controversy since its release in early December. The Texas bishop of Tyler, Joseph Strickland, had expressed criticism on Twitter: "Just cancelled Netflix. Didn't have time to use it anyway – but blasphemers don't deserve a penny of support."In addition, an online petition against the film garnered more than two million supporters.

The film, produced by the Brazilian comedy troupe "Porta dos Fundos" (Back Door), was also criticized in Brazil. On 24. In addition, an arson attack was carried out on the production company in Rio de Janeiro on December. Police suspect an extreme right-wing group behind it, which sees itself in the tradition of National Socialist movements from Brazil's 1930s. The ringleader is believed to have absconded to Russia after the attack and is being sought by Interpol, police said.

Judgment causes criticism

The ruling, which has now been ied, is an interim injunction. For the sake of "common sense" it would be better to cancel the film until a final verdict is reached, the judge said. He wants to "calm people's minds", and the "right to freedom of expression is not absolute".

The verdict drew criticism from Brazil's bar association, among others; there were also protests in the social media. Neither "Porta dos Fundos" nor Netflix have yet commented on the ruling, which was already ied on Tuesday. The film was still available online on Wednesday evening (local time).

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