No sex without values

The Catholic Bishop of Fulda, Heinz Josef Algermissen, has sharply criticized the musical fairy tale for children's sex education "Nase, Bauch und Po" (Nose, Belly and Buttocks) by the Federal Center for Health Education. The Duktus of this early childhood sex education finds because of the one-sided focus on physical relationships his firm disapproval, the bishop stressed on Wednesday in Fulda. His criticism also properly targeted "Donum Vitae"

In a letter to the Fulda Diocesan Caritas Association, Algermissen emphasized that he amed that Catholic daycare centers in the diocese of Fulda were not involved in this form of sex education. According to Catholic understanding, sex education and the teaching of ethical values belong inseparably together, the bishop said.The sex education play has been on the road in Germany since 2003. With regard to the fact that the East Hesse regional association of Donum Vitae, a pregnancy counseling association founded by Catholics, is now the organizer of performances of the play, Algermissen emphasized that this shows that Donum Vitae is not a Catholic association.

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