No quota with student sex – for now

The TV channel ProSieben wanted students to compete against each other from January with the goal of sleeping with 50 partners as quickly as possible. After protests from churches and child protection groups, the start of the broadcast series has now been postponed.

From 18. January, the series "50 per semester" was to be broadcast, but a new broadcast date has not been given for the time being. However, a spokesman for the channel defended the concept: "We are talking about a soap with young people who enjoy life, love and, of course, sex," he said, according to media reports. Such "positive human needs" are also likely to be the topic of discussion in the afternoon. The "scripted reality" format show is merely a mock documentary; the actors act according to a script. Churches and child protection activists had strongly protested against the broadcast of the sex docu-soap. Hamburg's auxiliary bishop Hans-Jochen Jaschke spoke in the "Lubecker Nachrichten" of cheap voyeurism. "I protest against the humiliation and abuse of human feelings in this TV show. Here love and sex degenerate into adolescent macho games." Society should not put up with this, he said. With regard to minors watching at this time, the planned format bordered on "child abuse," the auxiliary bishop said. "I call for a massive punishment by the supervisory bodies."

A "devastating message The Protestant bishop in the bishopric of Hamburg and Lubeck, Maria Jepsen, described the announced show as repulsive. "It's embarrassing when broadcasters want to try to boost ratings in this way."Bavaria's Family Minister Christine Haderthauer (CSU) told the "Passauer Neue Presse" that it was a "devastating message" to all onlookers when women and men were degraded to sex objects in a kind of modern "bounty hunt".. Irene Johns, national president of the Child Protection League, called the concept inhumane. 'So much impudence leaves one speechless'."According to a newspaper report, the responsible media authority Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB) sees no legal recourse against the broadcast. "We can't force Pro7 to show us the show in advance. 'That would border on censorship,' said Susanne Grams of MABB.

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