No cut in life

Millions of girls suffer genital mutilation in the world. Also in Germany. TERRE DES FEMMES dedicates its new campaign to the theme. this site spoke with Franziska Gruber about problems and goals in the women's rights organization's fight.

this site: Why genital mutilation is also an ie in our country?
Gruber: Terre des Femmes ames that in Germany at least 20.000 affected women live. About 4.000 girls are at risk of having their genitals mutilated either illegally in Germany or while on vacation in their parents' home country.
this site: A very sensitive topic – do the women concerned talk about it at all??
Gruber: In fact, the biggest problem is that the subject is heavily tabooed. That's why it's so important that all people who come into contact with affected people are informed. Best already by their education. One of our greatest demands is that midwives, pediatricians and gynecologists be trained during their education. Many doctors in Germany are confronted with the topic for the first time when a woman appears in their practice. And if they know too little, they can't provide good care.
this site: What are the consequences of genital mutilation??
Gruber: Those affected suffer trauma for the rest of their lives. They have pain during urination and sexual intercourse, during pregnancy and birth. Listen to the interview in full here.

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