“Month of spiritual education

The Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion has called on Muslims for a "month of spiritual education" on the occasion of the upcoming Ramadan. They should renounce hatred, selfishness and austerity and emphasize tolerance and friendship. NRW Integration Commissioner Thomas Kufen highlighted the fasting month as a time for getting to know each other.

DITIB Chairman Sadi Arslan said, "Love, respect and tolerance are indispensable virtues for us and should therefore also determine our lives". The DITIB is subordinate to the Turkish state and, according to its own information, is the umbrella organization of almost 900 mosque associations and the Islamic organization with the largest number of members in Germany.

Kufen: Ramadan fasting month is time for dialogue Kufen said in Dusseldorf on Thursday that "Ramadan is traditionally a time of encounter, togetherness and dialogue, which is becoming increasingly important in view of the great cultural and religious diversity in NRW".However, he said he would like to see this mutual encounter not only intensified during Ramadan, but cultivated throughout the year through mutual invitations and encounters. More than ever, mutual acceptance and recognition of cultures is necessary, said Kufen. Five pillars of Islam Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, as are the profession of faith, daily prayers, the tax on the poor and the pilgrimage to Mecca. The holy month of Ramadan, the ninth in the Islamic lunar year, wanders through the calendar year and this year is celebrated from 21. August to 19. September, celebrated on 20. The festival of breaking the fast follows.Ramadan begins and ends when the crescent moon is visible again for the first time after the new moon. It can vary from country to country. In Germany, Islamic associations have agreed on common dates in advance since 2008. During Ramadan, believers are called upon to abstain from food, drink, smoking and sexual intercourse from sunrise to sunset. The elderly, sick, children, pregnant women, travelers and soldiers at war are exempt from the fasting requirement.There are about one billion Muslims worldwide. According to a study by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, between 3.8 and 4.3 million Muslims live in Germany. 81 percent said in the survey that they observe the Islamic dietary rules. Ramadan is also the month of good deeds and purification of body and soul. Humanity and reconciliation are particularly sought after. Muslims pay the poor tax Zakat or support the needy.According to tradition, the revelations of God to the Prophet Mohammed began in Ramadan. The faithful therefore devote themselves especially to prayer and the study of the Koran. In the evenings, they meet with friends and relatives for a communal, often sumptuous meal or gather in mosques. In many Islamic countries, businesses and authorities shorten working hours. Ramadan ends with the festival of breaking the fast. Most religions have fasting periods. Christians fast from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

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