“Men are poor in our country at the moment”

Gloria von Thurn und Taxis © Felix Horhager

Gloria von Thurn und Taxis (60) regrets, in her own words, the lords of creation. "Men are poorly off in our country at the moment," the noblewoman said in an interview with Die Zeit (Thursday).

Emancipation, she says, has led to changes in the relationship between the sexes. The stronger ones are "at the moment just we women. Aesch!", said Gloria. Nevertheless, she does not think much of a complete equality of the sexes, the princess added. "Women can do almost everything better anyway, so it's much smarter to leave activities exclusively to men, because otherwise we'll have to do everything afterwards, while men sit in the sulking corner emasculated, frustrated, degenerate and with identity problems, and aren't even good for procreation anymore," said Gloria, who at the same time admitted: "I'm exaggerating, I know."

For her, emancipation means freeing herself from preconceived ideas and "taking the difficult, sometimes painful path of reflection and questioning. And continues: "Emancipation means only putting on the chains you want to wear as jewelry."

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