Many points of contact

Many points of contact

Altar cross with a colorful rainbow © Jorg Loeffke (KNA)

The Diocese of Trier and regional representatives of the LGBTI scene want to enter into a closer dialogue in the future. In Germany's oldest diocese, a working group on "Sexual and gender identities – rainbow pastoral ministry" has been established for this purpose.

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and intersexuals are represented in the LGBTI scene. The first meetings had taken place since October 2017 still in loose rhythm, from 2019 quarterly meetings are planned, the diocese announced on Wednesday. The name "rainbow pastoral" goes back to the self-designation within the scene.

According to the diocese, the Trier diocesan synod, which ended in 2016, encouraged an ongoing dialogue with people of the same sex and the development of appropriate pastoral services. "It is gratifying that in the aftermath of the synod at the end of 2017, Catholic LGBTI people have approached the diocese," explained the pastoral director of the diocese, Mechthild Schabo.

Many points of contact

There are many points of contact, for example in daycare centers or in youth ministry, which is why employees should be sensitized to this. The topic had long since arrived in pastoral care. Those affected need a place in the church: "They are baptized, believing people who have, unfortunately, all too often been disappointed by the church."

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