Listening instead of lecturing

Listening instead of lecturing

Conflicts and disappointments are inevitable in marriages and partnerships © dpa

Ahead of the World Synod of Bishops on the Family, the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) calls on the Church to take a more realistic view of marriage and the family. The Church must be careful that marriage does not become "an overburdening and unattainable ideal".

In the run-up to the World Synod of Bishops, the highest Catholic lay body in Germany expressly declares its support for marriage as a model for lifelong commitment and a successful life with God's help. At the same time, however, it is also said that non-marital and pre-marital partnerships, civil second marriages after a divorce, single-parent families and same-sex partnerships are in many ways recognizably oriented to the Christian family model and should be recognized in this and accompanied in the pastoral care of the church.

The Catholic Church's sacramental understanding of marriage could become too much of a challenge if the Church first saw what was missing in the couple's relationship to the ideal, the ZdK explained in a statement to the German Bishops' Conference. The bishops should look for ways in which the model of Christian marriage and family can offer orientation and help to the faithful. "A pastoral attitude of listening instead of lecturing seems to us to be urgent."The plurality prevailing in society today should not be seen as a threat.

Don't ostracize remarried divorcees

At the same time, the ZdK reaffirmed its support for the course of the German bishops in the question of the admission of civilly remarried divorced believers to the sacraments. It expressly acknowledged the statement on the subject published by the bishops a few weeks ago. She said she strives not to exclude remarried divorcees despite the indissolubility of sacramental marriage, and points to theologically sound and pastorally appropriate ways to resolve the ie.

In preparation for the World Synod of Bishops in October, the Vatican had again published a questionnaire on the topic of family and sexuality, which all Catholics, as well as Catholic associations and institutions, can answer. This must be up to 13. March happened. The German Bishops' Conference intends to draw up an overall document from this, which is to be submitted by 15 September. to be communicated to Rome on April 1 and then published by the Bishops' Conference. A similar survey had been conducted for the first time in the run-up to the extraordinary synod of bishops in October 2014.

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