“Listen more to young people”

Brother Alois with children © Maren Breitling (KNA)

The Youth Synod at the beginning of October is just around the corner. Not only the leader of the ecumenical Taize community looks forward to the meeting with confidence. German youth have made thousands of postcards with concerns to the Pope.

"I would like to see more listening to young people in the Church," Brother Alois (64), leader of the ecumenical community of Taize, told the portal catholic on Thursday.de in Bonn. In Taize, a great spiritual longing of young people can often be felt; many are looking for silence and community.

A "special guest

Frere Alois will participate as a "special guest" in the World Episcopal Meeting, which will be held from 3. to 28. October takes place. This means that he can speak in front of the plenum and participate in working groups, but not vote. The theme of the synod is "Young people, faith and vocational discernment".

The prior of the Taize fraternity stressed that the intercultural life in the community fascinates many young people. The friars were always available as contact persons and tried to listen attentively, but did not interfere in the daily routine of the young people. "We are not spiritual masters, nor are we 'better' in the faith. The young people, by coming, challenge us to remain faithful to our vocation."

Thousands of postcards from German youths handed over to Pope

Meanwhile, the Federal Association of Catholic Youth (BDKJ) has handed over thousands of postcards from children, adolescents and young adults to Pope Francis. The pope had shown interest in the concerns described therein for the world bishop synod to youth questions, explained the BDKJ on Wednesday evening. Young people could take part in the campaign online, but also via free postcards.

The Synod of Bishops on 3. to 28. October's theme is "Youth, faith and vocational discernment". The BDKJ Federal President Thomas Andonie, who is participating in the meeting, explained that often, for example, the desire was expressed for a different approach to same-sex partnerships. Also the desire for youth-fair Liturgie, more codetermination and appreciation for honorary commitment occupied the senders.

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