“Let's dance” kick-off: these are the dance couples of the season

Finally, it's that time again! The time of belly-button-deep V-necks, glitter sequins and fire throwers is back. Or as Joachim Llambi proclaimed it on Friday night, "The biggest and most beautiful dance show in the universe" is back – "Let's Dance".

While others RTL formats just as "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" or "Dschungelcamp" thrive on the emotions that slowly simmer high and the coalitions that are constantly being formed, "Let's Dance" is all about laughter, praise and consolation. Because the studio is empty, the celebrities bring the thunderous applause to their competitors themselves.

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"Let's Dance": This is how the get-to-know-you show went

In the Get-to-know-you show all the celebrities are brought together with their future dance partners after they have given a first demonstration of their skills in a group dance.

Also last year's winner Lili Paul-Roncalli and Massimo Sinato are allowed to dance briefly across the stage before co-host Victoria Swarovski again announces one of the numerous commercial breaks that unfortunately turn the nearly four-hour show into a tough rubber mass. Time enough to take a closer look at this year's candidates and contestants. Who's in?

"Let's Dance": The candidates 2021

Mickie Krause is a Ballermann bard and responsible for intellectually mature sentences like "Go get some beer, you're getting ugly again". He also likes to wear sunglasses. Also in the studio. Even after 8 p.m. Also Senna Gammour used to be a singer. In 2006, she won the casting show "Popstars" and secured a spot in the band "Monrose". She still produces. Mainly content. Extraordinary is the participation of Auma Obama. She is a sociologist, journalist and – the last name gives it away – the half-sister of Barack Obama. A touch of world politics in Cologne-Ossendorf.

Also on board: a pop singer who could also perform as a Katy Perry lookalike, a good-looking Footballer, which offers plenty of scope for lewd jokes, and a presenter who hops across the stage like a Duracell bunny.

While Heidi Klum renews her GNTM jury at every opportunity once all around, the staff of "Let's Dance" has been constant for years. Finally something you can rely on again. Next to celebrity scaremonger Joachim Llambi, this year's competition once again features Motsi Mabuse and Jorge Gonzalez at the desk. The latter will presumably present the most adventurous hairstyles and outfits broadcast after broadcast, as he does every year. His first show grope – red one-piece, billowing kimono – is still subtle by his standards, but veteran viewers know: It's going to get even more awesome. Whether he can see the dancing at all, unfortunately remains unclear. Before his eyes dangles a rather shabby Sia pony in excess length.

Just as extraordinary as Jorge's fashion taste is the reason why "Mr. Tagesschau" Jan Hofer Swinging the dance leg from now on: "After almost 36 years as a man without a lower body, I'm happy that I can present myself in full stately size for once." It is granted.

RTL and Hartwich-Swarovski are particularly dogged in emphasizing that this season will be the first time that there will be an all-male dance couple. Yes, really! Nicolas Puschmann, Germany's first "Prince Charming," dances with another man. The chance to announce a same-sex (dance) couple as something normal is unfortunately wasted. The LGBTQ behavior seems particularly outdated when professional dancer Vadim Garbuzov tells us that he danced with a man on an Austrian dance show as long as ten years ago.

But while you're still wondering whether it shouldn't finally be normal for two men to dance together in 2021, investigative journalist Frauke Ludowig is already clarifying the next socially relevant questions. For example: What color are the underpants of Jorge Gonzalez?

"Let's Dance" season start: These are the first dances

Ilse DeLange, Valentina Pahde and Rúrik GIslason as well as professional dancers Evgeny Vinokurov, Andrzej Cibis and Malika Dzumaev dance the Cha Cha Cha to "Hot Stuff" by Kygo and Donna Summer. Kai Ebel, Auma Obama and Simon Zachenhuber dance with Kathrin Menzinger, Christian Polanc and Marta Arndt the Tango on "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" by Doris Day. Vanessa Neigert and Nicolas Puschmann dance with Vadim Garbuzov and Robert Beitsch the Quickstep to "I want a cowboy for a man" by Gitte Haenning.

The fourth "Let's Dance" group dances a Viennese waltz to "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra – with Erol Sander, Mickie Krause and Jan Hofer, as well as dance pros Renata Lusin, Christina Luft and Patricija Belousova. The last team consists of Kim Riekenberg, Lola Weippert and Senna Gammour plus Valentin Lusin, Alexandru Ionel and Pasha Zvychaynyy. They dance Salsa to "Chantaje" by Shakira and Maluma.

"Let's Dance" teams: who dances with whom?

After the dances, the celebrities are finally joined by the professionals: these are the teams of the 14. Season.

  • Presenter Lola Weippert (24) dances with Christian Polanc (42)
  • Singer Senna Gammour (41) dances with Robert Beitsch (29)
  • Vanessa Neigert (28) dances with Alexandru Ionel (26)
  • Nicolas Puschmann (29) dances with Vadim Garbuzov (33)
  • Valentina Pahde (26) dances with Valentin Lusin (33)
  • Ilse DeLange (43) dances with Evgeny Vinokurov (30)
  • Auma Obama (61) dances with Andrzej Cibis (33)
  • Kim Riekenberg dances with Pasha Zvychaynyy (29)
  • Rúrik GIslason (33) dances with Renata Lusin (33)
  • Erol Sander (52) dances along Marta Arndt (31)
  • Kai Ebel (56) dances along Kathrin Menzinger (32)
  • Mickie Krause (50) dances with Malika Dzumaev (29)
  • Jan Hofer (69) dances with Christina Luft (30)
  • Simon Zachenhuber (23) dances with Patricija Belousova (25)

"Let's Dance": The "Wild Card" protects against exit

In the get-to-know-you show, no celebrity has to vacate the dance floor – but the viewers' favor and the jury's verdict are still important. Who Joachim Llambi, Motsi Mabuse and Jorge Gonzalez areconvinced and got the most calls, gets a "wild card" and cannot be voted out next week. Rúrik GIslason and his partner Renata Lusin have won.

"Let's Dance" – Here's how the last season went

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