When leasing a car, for example, you pay a monthly rate for the use of the vehicle. ownership remains with the lessor. The lessee owns the vehicle only. During the term of the contract, you are obligated to have the car serviced, maintained and repaired. Afterwards, they return the car and can continue to lease or buy it.

With mileage leasing, a maximum distance that you are allowed to drive is specified in advance. If they exceed this, they pay later. In the case of residual value leasing, the car may only lose a certain value. If the car is worth less at the end of the lease, you will also have to pay for it again.

If you opt for a leased car with no down payment, you generally have to pay a higher monthly rate. Because the costs bspw. In the case of used car leasing, the costs that would otherwise have been charged for the down payment are then apportioned over the entire leasing period.

Is leasing the same as renting?

Leasing cars: The contract has certain similarities to that for a shared apartment

Leasing is a term that appears more and more often in connection with cars. But what is it about this middle thing from purchase and lease agreement? This article gives you an overview of the world of leasing.

"to lease" comes from the english and means "rent" or "lease" but is leasing the same as a rent? Simplified, the leasing contract can be concluded with a lease contract be compared.

However, the risk, the theft, damage or destruction of the leased object or change its value, in the case of a lessee. With the lease has the lessor of a thing for the contractual use of the thing to provide. He therefore has u. A. Also repairs financially manageable. More on the lessee’s responsibilities later.

Leasing – once again simply explained in this video:

When leasing a car, you do not have to pay a lot of money at once, as you do when buying

Often there are other financial options attached to leasing contracts, which should be checked before signing them. the advantage of leasing is the liquidity advantage, because the object does not have to be acquired by purchase before use. It is therefore not the expensive borrowing.

Under certain circumstances, the leasing also involves a tax advantage associated, which however in single case must be checked. In some cases, the monthly leasing installments for company leasing can be operating expense claim immediately. In the case of small businesses and freelancers, the special leasing payments also immediately deductible as operating expenses, which, however, meets with criticism from the tax authorities.

How does leasing actually work??

Car leasing is a possibility to buy a car, without a large sum for the purchase price. This may save you from having to make an expensive car loan. For vehicle leasing you pay monthly installments, to be able to finance a car, for example. It works like this:

The driving fun can start after you have chosen a leasing vehicle and agreed on the monthly installment

  1. You look for online or at the local dealer a vehicle from.
  2. You agree on a leasing model and put the monthly rate fixed.
  3. After a credit check by the lessor you conclude the contract from.
  4. The driving pleasure can go off and you use the car as agreed.
  5. After the contract term enter the leasing car return or buy it to a certain residual value. You can also further lease.

The duration from a car leasing contract can usually be one year up to three years are. While the contract is running, you as the lessee use the car but the ownership however remains with the lessor, the therefore also the vehicle title or. The registration certificate part II keeps. Which contract models are available for car leasing and what advantages and disadvantages The following section explains the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

Mileage leasing – less distance, more money back

When leasing a car with mileage allowance it behaves quite similarly to the rule with rental car: set in advance a distance in kilometers firm, the included in the price is. If you exceed the value, you must pay in arrears. Under certain circumstances, this can be very expensive, since additional kilometers are usually charged at the rate of 10 to 15 ct be recognized.

Calculate the leasing rate: This depends, among other things, on the model of the car, the leasing variant and any additional services

In the case of leasing, however, it is often the case that, for example, the leasing company a certain tolerance range granted to cover the specified kilometers exceed may. This can, for example 1.000 kilometers its.

So if you have previously agreed, for example, that 20.000 kilometers are included in the leasing contract and the tolerance 1.000 kilometers they are allowed to pay a maximum of 21.000 kilometers your leased vehicle in order to be able to use it at a later date do not pay to have to.

This leasing option, on the other hand, offers a decisive advantage advantage with it: reach the kilometers cannot be, you get from the lessor money back! This is usually less euros per kilometer than you would have to pay on top of it. The following must be taken into account. Contractual free limit. This grants the lessor, only a reimburse a certain number of kilometers to have to pay, if you have not reached the maximum limit and therefore have low mileage.

If, for example 20.000 kilometers and 5000 kilometer allowance agreed, you will only get money back if you get less than 15.000 kilometers driven are.

Residual value leasing including residual risk

With car leasing, the residual value can be severely affected by scratches and accidents

The car leasing per residual value the monthly leasing rate is not calculated on the basis of the expected kilometers to be driven. With this model, it is determined right at the beginning, how much the car in question is still worth at the end of the contract period is or. How much value the car must still have. Sounds vague? Is it also.

After all, it is extremely difficult for laymen to be estimated, how much a car will cost after a few years value is. Why this variant is chosen for leased vehicles? Because the rate per month mostly lower is higher than with mileage leasing. But for this there is also the risk a high subsequent payment. Therefore, such a leasing car must be completely particularly well maintained become. following points can make the residual value in the case of vehicle leasing influence:

  • accidents and scratches
  • The market situation in general
  • loss of image of the manufacturer
  • Political decisions such as the imposition of driving bans

With residual value leasing, an appraiser estimates the residual value of the car at the end of the contract period

All these factors and more must be taken into account when car leasing by residual value to be considered. Is the term of the contract terminated, an appraiser determines the actual residual value of the vehicle.

If this exceeds the previously determined sum and is therefore in a better condition than expected, the lessee also with this model money back. However, if the opposite the case, it can be more expensive are. The logic behind this leasing variant is the following:

Per the residual value is higher the higher this must be consequently on the end of the contract period its. This is all the more difficult for the lessee to achieve because the value already massively impaired by minor damage can be. The lessor can therefore count on the fact that the lessee will take good care of the car and will have to make an additional payment at the end, if the residual value previously established is not reached.

But the higher the residual value is set, the lower the difference out between this and the purchase price of the car. That means a mostly low leasing rate, what a big advantage can represent. Because you as the lessee pay the consumption of the leased vehicle. If the vehicle is still in good condition, you can lease it for a few years at a reasonable price lease brand new vehicle, because you have "used" it only slightly.

Car leasing: comparison of the individual leasing variants

mileage leasing residual value leasing
fixed distance in kilometers residual value is difficult to estimate
costs can be calculated well in advance, for example if the commute is always the same length possibly. High additional payment
in case of exceeding: additional payment! Smaller monthly rate
if you fall short: money back!

Car leasing without down payment: high monthly rate, but without starting capital

In fact it is possible to lease a car, without a down payment to have to make. This is a good idea if you do not have any start-up capital, but higher leasing rates can take into account. Leasing companies always have such "zero lease" offers. In most cases, they even waive the interest, whereby the lessee list price paid for the vehicle.

By the way, many dealers also offer a annual car leasing to. Then you get a vehicle, which is usually still quite new, because the first registration less than twelve months ago was.

leasing costs: who pays insurance, car tax and repairs??

It is not only with new car leasing that the monthly costs can be quite high fail. Since this is a leased object the lessee has to carefully deal with it. Accordingly, this has some costs to carry. But how do the costs for the lessor together?

Leasing: Many leasing companies offer a service with insurance and maintenance

  • This pays the administration costs, the e.g. incurred at the time the contract is concluded, and the
  • car tax.

What costs are incurred by the lessee?

  • usually a down payment
  • leasing rate + interest
  • fuel
  • Insurance
  • repairs
  • Maintenance

Since the lessee usually even for the costs of care and maintenance of his car, the lessee could have a fully comprehensive insurance worthwhile. Alternatively you can buy a service also additionally contractually hold on.

What are the leasing costs dependent on??

  • Which vehicle-model i have selected?
  • For which leasing-model I decide?
  • What about included (repair service etc.)?

Pay close attention to the details of the leasing contract! What is included? How high is the residual value? If in doubt, take a person with you who is knowledgeable in this area with you when you sign the contract. But above all: take good care of your car!

by the way: with company car leasing, the only costs are few advantages for the company boss. Because often, only a car that this actually buys, below "operating expenses" be sold.

Is leasing also possible for used cars?

Some dealers even offer truck leasing

Leasing is not only applicable to new vehicles. This is also the case for used cars possible. When leasing used cars, however, you should bear in mind that the repair costs are sometimes high can fail. In addition, there is no possibility to build a new car according to one’s own wishes.

When used car leasing, the monthly rate however, in comparison to new vehicles often very much low from. In addition, some dealers also offer an truck, motorcycle or van leasing to.

Conclusion: when is leasing worthwhile??

Car leasing is especially suitable for people who want to buy a used car new car want to drive, without financing to pay by credit or out of my own pocket. The monthly costs are somewhat higher compared to owning your own car, but they remain independently and can be returned on request after the contract period a new model driving.

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