Khorchide accuses author of “distorted image of islam

Khorchide accuses author of 'distorted image of islam

Thilo Sarrazin earns sharp criticism… © Michael Kappeler

Khorchide accuses author of 'distorted image of islam

…By Mouhanad Khorchide © Caroline Seidel

Accompanied by protests, Thilo Sarrazin read from his book "Hostile Takeover" in Munster and reiterated his theses on the threat posed to society by Islam. Muslim theologian Mouhanad Khorchide countered vehemently.

He accuses Islam critic Thilo Sarrazin of backing extremists. "You read the Koran like an Islamic fundamentalist," said the director of the Center for Islamic Theology (ZIT) at the University of Munster on Tuesday evening at a panel in the Westphalian metropolis.

Black and white painting

At the same time, Khorchide accused the former Berlin finance senator and book author of bias and black-and-white painting. "You make it too easy for yourself if you claim: Islam is dumb and is getting dumber, and as a result society is also getting dumber," Khorchide said. "We don't need enemy images in our society, but we must stick together."

At the beginning of the event, which was organized by the economic liberal Hayek Club Munsterland, Sarrazin had presented his controversial book "Hostile Takeover" to an audience of about 300 people. "What worries us about the behavior of Muslims is explained by a mentality shaped by the Koran," Sarrazin said.

The Koran favors authoritarianism, strains the relationship between the sexes, promotes backwardness and hinders freedom of opinion and democracy. "The hatred of the infidel conveyed in the Koran gives Islam its expansive power of conquest," Sarrazin explained.

Non-Muslims do not have equal rights in any Muslim country in the world, conservative and fundamentalist currents are on the rise everywhere. "I warn of a creeping Islamization through demographic overwhelming," the book author repeated one of his controversial core theses. In front of the venue in the Munster-Hiltrup town hall, around 100 people from the "Not one meter to the Nazis" alliance demonstrated at the start of the discussion.

Energetic contradiction

Khorchide vigorously disagreed with Sarrazin, accusing him of painting a bleak, frightening picture. Islam must be viewed in a much more differentiated way, he said. There are also many positive tendencies, especially among young Muslims. "The real problem is political Islam creeping into German foundations and educational institutions, and we don't recognize the danger," warned Islamic theologian.

The important thing is to educate Muslims and change their attitudes. "For this, I would like to see mechanisms of accompaniment from the German state," Khorchide says. He himself had just founded a liberal Muslim community in North Rhine-Westphalia and invited all Muslims to join in. "The future depends on us Muslims and our work," the Islamic scholar emphasized.

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