“It banged”

Controversial discussions at the DBK: During the debate about the flyer "Gender sensitive – gender read catholically" it "popped" in the German Bishops' Conference according to the words of the auxiliary bishop of Essen Ludger Schepers.

Some bishops had argued that the publication by the bishops' conference's office for women's pastoral care did not reflect the bishops' view, Schepers said Thursday in Stuttgart. Schepers is a member of the Bishops' Conference Commission for Women's Ies and is partly responsible for the paper, which was published in late 2015.

Fear among bishops over gender justice ie?

Schepers, referring to fellow bishops, spoke of fear evident in the "charged debate" over gender justice. Fear, however, is "always a bad advisor". The Catholic Church should not stay out of the social discourse on gender, said Schepers. A statement by the bishops on the ie is planned, he said.

Flyer explains "gender mainstreaming"

The leaflet explains, among other things, the relationship between key terms such as "sex" and "gender" and elaborates on "the diversity of Christian images of men and women". The church wants to "act in a gender-sensitive way at all levels," he said. The flyer explains "gender mainstreaming" as a "political strategy that aims to contribute to more equal opportunities between women and men".

Schepers spoke about "Gender Trouble" at an event of the Wurttemberg Catholic Academy. What now? Future prospects of the church". The auxiliary bishop called on his church to take note that there is more than man and woman.

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