Is barefoot driving allowed on hot days??

In summer, it is not uncommon for drivers to decide to drive in flip-flops or barefoot. But it is actually allowed? Find out now why sturdy shoes at the wheel are important for your safety.

Use the right shoes for driving

You’ve probably been to the lake in your car and wondered if, on the way home, you could also driving barefoot you can visit. a ride with sandals, flip-flops or barefoot is at hot temperatures finally much more comfortable than fixed footwear. The temptation for car drivers is therefore above all in summer great to drive barefoot car.

The ADAC recommends for driving enclosing footwear, that fits so tightly that the pedals can be stepped on without any problems and forcefully. Shoes with loops and jewelry can get caught in the pedals and are therefore not recommended when driving a car.

Legal regulation on footwear when driving a car

the road traffic regulations (stvo) regulate all matters relevant to driving a car. Is it therefore allowed to drive barefoot? the stvo states that drivers must wear seat belts. However, there is no requirement or obligation for closed footwear or specific footwear. Even barefoot driving is generally not forbidden. However, paragraph 1 of the stvo states that every driver must behave in such a way that other road users are not endangered or obstructed.

Drivers must therefore always behave in such a way that they have their vehicle under control at all times. The following also plays a role the right footwear a significant role. With sturdy shoes you accelerate and brake much better than barefoot or with open shoes like flip-flops. Even with high heels, the risk of slipping off the pedals increases. braking too late can be dangerous for you as well as for other road users.

sturdy footwear when driving a car

Barefoot at the wheel – rules for professional drivers

For private persons in their own car therefore apply no special rules – apart from the general requirements of paragraph 1 of the stvo. However, different rules apply to drivers who drive professionally. Here the accident prevention regulations for vehicles (BGV D29). In paragraph 44 it was established that professional driver only shoes that enclose the foot may be worn in the car. Anyone who violates these regulations and instead sits at the wheel with bare feet risks a fine. In addition, there is a risk of being reported to the employers’ liability insurance association.

Accidents with unsuitable footwear

There are no special rules for footwear when driving a private car. However, if you have an accident and you drove barefoot, the missing shoes can be your undoing. Because the insurance can give you in such a case a imply contributory negligence. It assumes that the accident would not have happened if the driver had been wearing sturdy shoes. Comes the insurance to this assessment, higher costs quickly arise because the damage is not fully covered by motor vehicle liability insurance. Then you pay a higher amount for the own contribution. It is not unusual for people who have driven a car barefoot to be brought before a court of law.

passenger in car keeps bare feet out of window

Court rulings in the case of incorrect footwear on the feet

In some cases, the question was clarified before the court, which footwear when driving a car is appropriate. this was also the case in 2007: the higher regional court of celle (OLG celle, decision: 322 ss 46/07) decided against a fine at that time. A truck driver was only wearing sandals during a traffic check, but they were only open at the back. At that time, the court overturned the first judgment of the district court. In addition, however, the judges emphasized that they would have ruled differently in the event of an accident and justified this with the stated reason of a violation of the driver against paragraph 1 of the stvo.

The Bamberg Higher Regional Court (OLG Bamberg, decision: 2 ss owi 577/06) ruled similarly in 2006. In the two judgments, the police had previously levied a fine in each case. However, the court took a different view and declared that no penalty threatens, if someone drives a car barefoot. however, the facts of the case would change if the driver were to be injured by gross negligence causes an accident or is involved in a crash. The right shoes on their feet are for the safety on the road significant and reduce the risk of accidents.

barefoot car driving: spare shoes as an alternative

Fines for motorists wearing the wrong footwear are quite understandable. For drivers who don’t have full control of their vehicle because barefoot driving or wrong footwear carry pose a danger. In everyday life, it is not uncommon for tired feet to need to be quickly relieved of their shoes, or they are simply unsuitable for driving. Therefore we recommend spare shoes for driving. Especially in the summer, when everyone goes strolling with slippers or walking barefoot on the beach, in the car fixed shoes to change a good and above all safe way.

Choose appropriate for the season either closed shoes or solid sandals, that enclose your feet well. if you always keep this in your car, it doesn’t matter if you spend a day at the lake in flip-flops or linger in high heels at a festive event. When you get in your car, just change your shoes and you are on the safe side.

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