Guiding culture, family, animal welfare

A fighting term becomes programmatic. "Leitkultur"
appears in the draft of the CDU's basic program, which Secretary General Ronald Pofalla presented on Tuesday. Twice. The authors use the term to bundle descriptions of public spirit and integration, nationhood, patriotism, a "clear commitment" to history and culture, and the German language. Not everyone agrees.

"People's Party of the Center" Perhaps the commission agreed on this choice of words because the text elsewhere departs from the CDU's previous profile. Some things are really new. The differences between the Hamburg program "Freedom in Responsibility" of 1994 and the Ludwigshafen program of 1978 were much smaller in terms of profile."The Christian Democratic Union of Germany is the people's party of the middle. It addresses all people in all strata and groups of our country. Our policies are based on the Christian understanding of man and his responsibility before God…" With these words begins, after the preamble, the draft, which is available to the Catholic News Agency(KNA). Five lines further on comes – for the first time in such a text – the reference that the CDU is the "joint action of Christians and people of other faiths and non-believers" one who recognized the dignity and freedom of man and affirmed political beliefs. The Christian understanding of the human being provides the ethical basis for responsible politics. "Nevertheless, we know that from Christian faith no specific political program can be derived."From the church's point of view, concrete statements on upcoming ethical decisions are missing, criticizes Robin Mishra of the Rheinischer Merkur in an interview with this site.

For the first time animal protection This ethical basis – for example, in the protection of life – is not interpreted through concrete policies. As expected, terms such as abortion or stem cell research do not appear in the draft. But it is remarkable that unborn life is mentioned once – in the Christian conception of man – and – on the subject of late abortion – that "disabled life not yet born" is specifically mentioned once. In the 1994 program, which was shorter overall, unborn life was mentioned four times. The "protection of animals" appears explicitly for the first time in 2007, the protection of life as a concept no longer appears.In several places, the draft, which is to become the final text by the party conference in early December, refers to the fundamental ies of biomedicine and genetic engineering. "The freedom of research finds its limits where the inviolable dignity of man is touched or the creation is endangered," it says in the research policy section. 20 pages earlier, ethical limits, "unconscionable commercialization," the sanctity of human dignity are mentioned in current challenges. The scanty reminder of curing diseases, alleviating suffering will not satisfy the CDU's research friends.

Marriage as a "guiding principle of the community of man and woman" Quite proud, it seemed on Monday, the Christian Democrats are of new positions on family policy. Pofalla, JU leader Philipp Mibfelder, CDA leader Karl Laumann expressed themselves on it already before the text publication. Parental allowance appears. Contrary to considerations of the autumn the preservation of the Ehegattensplitting is stressed, which is to be "extended" to a family splitting."Family is wherever parents bear lasting responsibility for their children and children for parents," it says. Marriage is the model for the community of man and woman, the best and most reliable basis for the success of a family. This is developed comprehensively until it says: "We respect the decision of people who realize their life plan in other forms of partnership."Because also in non-marital partnerships of man and woman and same-sex partnerships values would be lived. However, the CDU rejects an equalization with marriage.

Pofalla: Freedom and security at the heart of the CDU program Up to 70,000 citizens and CDU members have participated in Internet forums in the discussions on the new program with the working title "New Justice through More Freedom," CDU Secretary General Ronald Pofalla said on Tuesday in the ZDF "Morgenmagazin" shortly before the presentation of the basic program. The CDU has also accepted many of these suggestions, he stressed. Most of the discussions had been about the family part. The CDU is now making it clear that while marriage and family are the guiding principles, the party also respects other forms of cohabitation.Former CDU Secretary General Heiner Geibler criticized the draft as too business-friendly. On Bavarian radio, he said, "That seems to me to be the deficit in the new programming." The CDU, "as the mother of the social market economy, must develop the concept of an international, socio-ecological market economy," he demanded. At the moment, the economy is defining itself wrongly, added the CDU politician. "The stock market value of a company increases the more people are rationalized away." Such an economic system would be immoral and incapable of consensus.

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