“God's love is promised to all people”

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Several Catholic women's associations demand that the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith repeal its controversial no to the blessing of gay and lesbian couples. A total of five associations signed a letter to this effect.

An open letter distributed Thursday says: "The mission of the Church to be effective as a sign of salvation in the world means opposing homophobia and working for gender justice, also on the basis of human sciences." This will shed a "new light on God's plan of creation".

Dialogue with the people of the church called for

Women call for renewal of sexual and relationship ethics. The reality of life for same-sex couples must be recognized, he said. He said this should also apply to "the diversity of being human in God's good creation, which is not reducible to women and men".

An open dialogue on the reform of church doctrine with the "people of the church in all its breadth and diversity" is necessary. This reform must be guided by "God's love for man in his own image".

"Love relationships not reduced to marriage"

No one can be excluded from a blessing, the letter says. "God's love is promised to all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. It does not discriminate. She does not (mis)judge." Sexuality is also part of creation.

And, "Responsible sexual love relationships cannot be reduced to marriage."Any relationship based on permanence, love, care and responsibility for one another can provide space and protection for children. When the church excludes people, it questions its credibility and discredits believers "who profess it and bear witness with their work and their lives".

The letter is signed by the Catholic Women's Association of Germany (kfd), the Catholic German Women's Federation (KDFB), the Swiss Catholic Women's Federation (SKF), the Catholic Women's Movement of Austria (kfb) and the Catholic Women's Movement of South Tyrol (kfb).

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