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Traffic rules in spain

driving in spain: the most important traffic rules for tourists

Driving a car in spain is a major challenge for many tourists. High fines, opaque parking rules and unfamiliar traffic signs cause uncertainty.

  • Driving a car in spain is allowed from the age of 18 years old.
  • Tourists must observe special rules when crossing the border by car because of the corona virus.
  • Drivers in spain are allowed to drive 50 km/h in built-up areas, a maximum of 90 km/h on country roads and 120 km/h on the freeway when driving a car.

Alicante – motorists in spain have to pay attention to some. hefty fines lurk around almost every corner: even small things like eating or drinking water at the wheel can cost up to 100 euros for particularly strict traffic cops. Overall, one notices tourist quickly, that in spain at driving a car a little different than in your german home country. Suddenly the car towed away, although you parked only briefly on the blue stripe, or you are honked at, because you have settled certain rules has not internalized.

Spain country
population 46.94 million (2019) (eurostat)
capital madrid
prefix +34

driving a car in spain: catalog of fines with high penalties for traffic offenders

Or you may even be police stopped, proclaiming that you do not even own a valid driver’s license, to drive a car in spain. After all, you took your driving license with you from germany before you were to stay in your country for several months vacation home settled. because of the corona virus, masks must also be worn in the car if you are in the vehicle with people who do not live in the same household. in addition, corona still entails special entry and exit formalities for spain. The described and many other situations can be avoided, if you follow the spanish traffic rules and specials knows.

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driving a car in spain: what is the minimum age for a driver??

In spain a driver must be at least 18 years old to drive a driving a car. There is no accompanied driving for 17-year-olds as in germany.

Driving a car in spain: stricter rules apply because of corona?

Spain has its rules for driving a car not worth mentioning because of coronavirus pandemic modified. tourists could possibly benefit from mask obligation be affected if you travel with other people who do not live in the same household. This is to be proven by an identity check.

germany, Öaustria and the switzerland have however very well their rules for spain travelers changed that with the driving a car. Who vacation in madrid, the basque country, catalonia, aragon or navarra made, must rely on the sars-cov-2 get tested and possibly – depending on the state – go into domestic quarantine. The costa blanca is not yet affected. ÖSterreich and the switzerland have the entire spanish mainland to covid 19 risk areas explains what is Österreich a compulsory test and in which switzerland a mandatory quarantine. For mallorca and the rest of the balearic islands and the canary islands no country has imposed any restrictions.

driving a car in spain: where to park?

In the complaints of foreign tourists about the drive a carn in spain takes the park often a top position. Seemingly randomly place the spain their cars on the roads ab- sometimes like to park in the second or third row. But it is best not to copy this, because the towing service, the grúa, is very active. depending on the municipality, this uninvited service quickly costs from 150 euro upwards.

But even if it is not towing comes, high penalties most of the fees start at 50 euro. in the city center, the color is the most important factor for these rules: on white areas can be parked without restriction, yellow markings and jagged lines on the ground show a parking ban on and at blue marked sections may be the car only limited parking is possible. The restriction can be temporary, in which case a parking disc is required. More often, however, a parking ticket be solved. in some municipalities there are orange spots in addition to the blue ones. These are intended for residents and short-term parkers. As a resident can only drivers with one in spain registered motor vehicle can be registered.

Cars drive through a traffic circle in Benidorm

Should you find yourself in a street where there is both an orange and a blue zone, it is important to pay attention when releasing the parking ticket pay close attention to choose the right tariff. To parking ticket machines in alicantes city center can for example in the main menu between "zona azul" (blue zone) or "zona naranja" (orange zone) can be selected. In some municipalities such as benidorm the license plate number is also required to purchase a ticket.

A quick overview of the parking zones:

white zone free parking
blue zone parking ticket or parking disc (more rarely)
orange zone resident parking, expensive for tourists
yellow jags parking prohibition, either absolute or restricted

driving in spain: pay parking ticket with app

Who once no cash carries, can also be issued in some municipalities with credit card paying. Mobile payments are becoming more and more common. In alicante, benidorm, villena, albacete and other places all over spain for example the app movilt can be used for payment. this is available for download for android phones in the google play store and for iphones in the app store. The mobile application can also be switched to english. To do this, simply select the "configuracion" tab press and at "idioma select english (ingles). A conversion into german is not possible at the moment.

After downloading the car with information about the vehicle – brand, model and possibly color are enough- and the code must be entered in the format HHAB1234. There should be no dashes or additional letters such as the "D" or the "B" for germany or "E" for spain, because the inspector may not find the license plate in the system. After that you have to enter the number of the credit card you want to use for the billing. Finally, the city in which the vehicle is parked is selected. After that a map of this municipality appears. If you pay GPS activated, the device immediately displays the road on, in which one is. If you don’t want to access your location, you can also search for streets manually. the app shows the areas now blue, orange or white depending on which parking price applies and whether a parking ticket necessary is.

To pay, simply click on the "siguiente" button and a bar will appear in which you can set the desired time. maximum parking time and prices vary from municipality to municipality, but this is automatically adjusted by the app. To finally pay the ticket, press "confirmar pago". Then a clock appears showing how long the virtual ticket is still valid.

traffic rules spain: parking tickets can be exchanged

Parking fines can in spain quickly turn out to be very high. In the blue zone but there is a special feature. Controlled and operated by concessionaires hired by city halls. These inspectors are not authorized to issue a "multa" issue. This is reserved for the local police. A "denuncia on the other hand is legally a parking ticket, issued by a third party, namely the "ORA", basically a kind of public order office operated by a concessionaire. As soon as the vehicle is parked incorrectly for a longer period of time or is to be towed away, the local police must come and sign a "multa" sign. There the driving a car quickly expensive on vacation.

Drivers wait in front of the parking ticket machine

Regularly it comes spainwide to court proceedings from motorists against the inspectors the concessionaires, because for example the marking of the zona azul was defective, the traffic tickets did not meet the legal requirements or the like. As a result of these experiences, some municipalities are showing a certain degree of goodwill towards motorists and offer the possibility of issuing parking tickets on the parking ticket against a fee from a few euros the "denuncia" to cancel- üwith moviltik the procedure can also be done in english with the cell phone. In any case the cancellation has to happen in time, benidorm for example allows half an hour after the ticket has been issued, alicante granted 90 minutes. If you arrive later, you have to pay the "denuncia" pay. In the event of misconduct on the part of the inspector, the tourist can lodge a complaint at the relevant town hall under the presentation of a parking ticket including license plate and times or the invoice from moviltik the traffic ticket and if necessary also the towing could be revoked. This process is more complicated if the fee has already been paid.

driving in spain: catalog of fines for speeding and drunk driving

With the right "multas – whether for parking, too fast driving a car or alcohol at the wheel comes a car driver on the other hand less smoothly from it. It is especially expensive if you do not pay within 20 days, because the spanish government offers a "discount" beforehand of 50 percent. If you pay later, you have to pay traffic ticket-demands:

20 kilometers per hour too fast from 100 euro
50 kilometers per hour too fast from 600 euro
alcohol at the wheel from 500 euro
cell phone at the wheel from 200 euro

If one pays thus only after one month becomes after the blitzer instead of 50 now 100 euro due. The ADAC offers a "fine calculator" to drive with the motorist be able to calculate how much the spanish state might charge you for the speed camera photo or the driving a car with cell phone at the wheel could deduct.

driving in spain: how fast can you drive in spain and on mallorca?

In order to avoid this, it should be noted that the Spanish speed limits a little below the german ones. On highways – no matter if single or double lane- the limit, unless otherwise stated, is 90 kilometers per hour for cars and motorcycles, 80 for trucks. In some places like the N-332 section near benidorm, where you can drive with the car 100 driving may be controlled, the exception is indicated by clear signage. On highways applies a maximum of 120 kilometers per hour, for trucks 90. Majorca and other islands do not make exceptions.

In town 50 km/h
country and federal roads 90 km/h
freeway 120 km/h

In order not to be flashed, the "seven" is-rule of thumb useful. Up to 100 km/h is always controlled from a speeding speed limit is seven km/h and from 100 a tolerance from seven percent. so if you drive 86 instead of 80, you still don’t get any penalty. A danger also lurks in navigation devices to the car driving and programs like google maps that warn of radar traps. Should a traffic control it turns out that a driver has such warning function use, a fine in the triple-digit range may be imposed. In practice, however, it should rarely be controlled.

Driving a car in spain: how much alcohol may a driver have in his blood?

novice drivers maximum 0.15 milligrams per liter
driver with at least two years of experience maximum 0.25 milligrams per liter

More often controlled, on the other hand, is the blood alcohol level. The following applies to all driver, the their driving license longer than two years have a limit of 0.5 grams per liter of blood (0.25 milligrams per liter of exhaled air) and for beginners 0.3 grams per liter of blood (0.15 milligrams per liter of exhaled air). A test on the spot is not obligatory, should the police officer but signals for a high blood alcohol level at the driving the driver may be pulled over into a hospital ühave the car brought to the blood test is made. In any case, the officer must identify himself and state which concrete signs it for alcoholization has given. After an accident, blowing is customary and obligatory.

driving a car in spain: rules of the traffic circles

Often there are crashes at traffic circles. This is not least due to the various myths that have grown up around this in spain omnipresent traffic guidance tendrils. In contrast to germany there is often several lanes. In general, the vehicle has first of all right of way, which is in the circle. Inside the circle the äouter lane right of way. But especially inside the traffic circle it is often not advisable to insist on one’s own right of way, because many spanish car driver think that cars driving inside have right of way. To avoid the traffic flow to make it easier, it is best to choose your own lane according to where you want to go: who to if the driver wants to turn right or drive straight ahead, the outer lane take, who after driving on the left or changing the direction should drive inside. but this orientation is not obligatory in any case. Left-turning cars are also allowed to use the outside lane, which is often more convenient for exiting. Even the rounds in the circle are not limited.

Another traffic myth is that there is no such thing in spain the rule „right before left" not. In fact, the majority of roads regulated by traffic lights or traffic signs. In urbanizations, the rule has become established that there is a main street (calle principal) that has the right of way over smaller ones. This circumstance can be attributed to the fact that- not only according to spanish traffic law – asphalt roads always have right of way over dirt roads. A german motorist should be prepared in any case for the fact that the spaniards "right before left" is not only the is often not a concept and rather trust eyes and common sense than the rule.

driving in spain: which traffic signs are different than in germany

An unusual traffic sign is the"zona exclusiva para residentes“ (residential street). Other than "local roads in germany only vehicles are allowed to drive into these streets, which are registered in a "resident-register" have been registered. Frequently scan cameras these areas and identify immediately vehicles, which has no permit for the road own. This can be considerable penalty entail. Such a road is often recognized by a green lane marking. In madrid and barcelona there are beside such resident zones also still environmental zones. The entry to these areas is only allowed with a spanish environmental badge possible to be given only to cars with spanish license plates. The four environmental classes are 0 (e-cars), eco (hybrid), C (green) and B (yellow) for CAR with internal combustion engine. They can be obtained at the office of direccion general de trafico (DGT) be requested.

Much uncertainty also exists in the case of an accident in spain. The traffic office, the direccion general de trafico, recommends in any case of sheet metal damage a "friendly settlement (declaracion amistosa). The parties involved in the accident can enter their data and describe how the accident happened. It must be signed by both parties its. In case of a more serious accident or disagreement regarding the operation, on the other hand, must be guardia civil (tel. 062) or policIa nacional be called to mediate the situation. At personal injury the emergency call 112 be called. Although a motorist does not necessarily have to carry a first aid kit, he is obliged to help. Failure to do so can be punished with a fine.

driving in spain: what is compulsory?

In the vehicle must be warning vest and two warning triangles be present. In addition, the car driving some papers to be carried after an accident or in the event of an accidental police check inspected: the registration certificate of the car (permiso de circulacion), the TuV certificate (tarjeta de inspeccion Tecnica from the ITV) and the Driver’s license. Occasionally also a proof of the car tax asked, but this does not necessarily have to be in the vehicle. The absence of a single document costs ten euros fine. If the documents are no longer in the car, the jefatura de trafico must be notified that the documents have been lost or stolen.

cars drive to the spanish TuV itv

The driver is responsible for ensuring that all documents are in the car even if he is not the holder. These documents refer to in spain registered vehicles with a spanish license plates. German cars that are not used in Spain for more than six months at a time only need the German documents. Who is in spain for a longer period of time car drives, should urgently look for a registration of the vehicle in spain endeavor, as under certain circumstances also insurance claims the german Car insurance expire if the vehicle is used predominantly in spain. Every driver should carry proof of insurance with him. A re-registration is also often necessary for the driver’s license. the european driving license issued in germany since 2013 is valid for 15 years and is also valid for germans in spain. As a registered resident, the "lappen" must be but must be exchanged for a spanish one. The document is also issued by the DGT.

In case of uncertainty about the bureaucratic particularities of the registration, it is advisable to contact the direccion general de trafico or a gestorIa for more information. Regarding the traffic rules you should not rely on the fact that violations will not be punished, just because many spanish people drive according to their own traffic rules.

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