“Faith, love, currywurst”

Currywurst with french fries © gkrphoto (shutterstock)

In the closing service of the Protestant church congress, Pastor Sandra Bils called for new paths to be taken in the church. "We live in times of transition," she said. "The people's church is crumbling."

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With trust and fearlessness from faith, completely new and exciting ideas and visions can be developed, said the theologian Sandra Bils of the ecumenical movement Kirchehoch2 at the closing service in the soccer stadium of Borussia Dormund. "Perhaps this is reflected in new forms of church: "Church as a rolling chip shop – faith, love, currywurst."

Which lifestyle corresponds to the will of God?

Jesus is there for everyone "who is having a hard time in life," Bils said. "Jesus is not like the bouncer outside the hippest club in town who looks you up and down once and then says, 'Nah, sorry, closed society,'" the pastor emphasized. "Jesus is the bouncer who comes in last at the Federal Youth Games and again doesn't get a winner's certificate."

Christians should ask "which lifestyle and which values correspond to the will of God," Bils continued in her sermon. "For us, saving lives is not a crime, but a Christian duty. You don't let people drown!"God is also working in the world through people from the rescue organizations Sea-Watch, SOS Mediterranee and Sea-Eye, through climate activist Greta Thunberg and the students in the "Fridays for Future" movement.

Prayer, song and politics

The 37. The motto of the German Protestant Kirchentag was "What trust?. Since Wednesday, some 121.000 participants prayed, sang and debated current political ies. At 2.400 events dealt with topics such as right-wing extremism, climate protection and sexual abuse. Prominent speakers were German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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