Equal to each other

Equal to each other

The "Rainbow Forum": Several Christian groups of homosexuals, bi-sexuals and transsexuals have joined together to form an interest group with a clear concern.

Several Christian homosexual groups in Germany have joined together in the "Regenbogenforum" (Rainbow Forum). It is to represent the goals of the member groups in church and society courageously, as the Ecumenical Working Group Homosexuals and Church (HuK) announced on Tuesday in Recklinghausen. At the same time, the forum is to advocate for equal rights for so-called LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transident, intersex and queer) Christians.

"Different denominations and sexual identities"

"In the Rainbow Forum, women and men, people of different sexual identities and orientations and of different denominations and faiths work together on an equal footing," said Paul Raschka of the newly elected executive board. However, the member groups remain independent, added board member Anette Delbruck.

The full name of the association is "The Rainbow Forum – Christian LGBTTIQ Groups in Germany". In addition to HuK, the forum includes the Gay Theology Working Group, the "Labrystheia" network of lesbian theologians and lesbians interested in theology, LesBiGay worship communities, the Mary and Martha Network, the Network of Catholic Lesbians and the Ecumenical Lesbian and Church Working Group.

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