Driving with a cat – this is how it works!


David likes to drive. the siamese cat looks adventurously at his mistress and waits only to be able to slip into the transport bag. It even purrs quietly while driving.
But david is a great exception. Most cats are not at all enthusiastic about driving a car and are stressed by it. Already at the sight of the transport box they take flight. What you can do to make driving as comfortable as possible for your cat?

considerations before driving with a cat

Whether to the vet, on vacation or because a move is pending, sometimes a car ride with a cat is unavoidable. No matter where you are going, try to keep the driving time as short as possible and make sure that your car has a comfortable interior temperature. To prevent accidents, please always transport your cat well secured in a stable transport box and never freely in the car. A wicker basket or a robust transport bag is also suitable as a mobile home.

Before the car ride – getting used to the transport box

Before you start, you should get your cat used to its mobile home. Make the transport container interesting by hiding treats in it and by including the mobile home in the game. Best of all, you put a sleeping blanket, which has taken on your cat’s own scent, in the transport box. This gives your cat a sense of familiarity!
The aim of this "training" is to make the cat feel comfortable in its mobile home, to accept it as a place of retreat and not to regard it as a prison.
Tranquilizers before starting the journey?
the administration of tranquilizers is only necessary in very rare cases (e.g. B. In case of strong aggressiveness or extreme fear) necessary and should then only be done after consultation with your veterinarian. He can also advise you on the appropriate medication and dosage.
For support, you can give your cat a remedy containing catnip before the trip. catnip is so called because cats particularly like this kind of mint. It contains the active ingredient nepetalactone, which has a calming effect on cats and is well tolerated. Another possibility is to spray the mobile home with feliway classic. The spray contains a "feel-good pheromone" and can reduce stress in cats. But the most important thing to keep your dog calm is your sovereignty!

Here we go – cat in the car

Try to stay as calm as possible from the beginning to give your cat a feeling of security and calmness. Try to make the transfer to the transport box as calm as possible and avoid unnecessary stress for your cat by driving steadily without rapid acceleration or abrupt braking.
Tip: your cat knows clicker training? If you have a co-driver, he can reward your cat with the clicker for calm behavior during the ride.
If your cat panics during the ride and starts screaming and mewing, try to stay calm. Talk quietly with your cat and do not take it out of the transport box. Otherwise your cat may flee in panic through the open car door!

Back home

When you are back home, quickly release your cat from its mobile home. If your dog feels like hiding for a while, this is normal. It is best to leave the transport box in the room for a few days. Always offer it to the cat as a refuge. This way you avoid that your cat associates the box only with driving. If your cat is "sulking" for a long time after the car ride, these tips will help you!

Conclusion: the most important thing when it comes to driving a car with a cat is to get used to the transport box early on and to behave calmly and level-headedly on your part! Then it works!

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