Disobedient nun?

Stalled situation? The Vatican Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of an Indian nun against expulsion from her order. Nevertheless, it does not want to leave the monastery in the Indian state of Kerala.

Sister Lucy Kalapura said this after the Apostolic Signature's decision, according to a report by Asian Catholic news service Ucanews.

The Order of Franciscan Clarisses (FCC) had invited the nun on 5. August 2019 expelled from its ranks for disobedience and breaking their vow of poverty. Sister Kalapura's petition to the Vatican against her removal was rejected by the Congregation of Eastern Churches in October 2019. Now the Apostolic Signature, the highest church court, has ruled on the case.

Is there another reason behind it?

Kalapura sees her campaign against Bishop Franco Mulakkal, now on trial for raping a nun, as the real reason for her expulsion from the order.

Since 2018, the 54-year-old, along with several other women religious, have demonstrated against the church's long silence on the rape allegation against Mulakkal. In December 2019, Kalapura's publication of her book "In the Name of the Lord" about the sexual abuse of nuns by Catholic bishops and priests in India caused an intensification of the conflict with the official church.

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