“Demystified and demystified”

Contrary to what is reported here and there, there is no swimming pool, no golden faucets, and the bathtub is not golden either. The Diocese of Limburg gave journalists a tour of the bishop's residence.

The Limburg diocese did not spare the private rooms of former Limburg Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst during its guided tour. Given the explosion in construction costs, some may envision golden faucets in the hallowed halls. The official residence does not have any of these, but it does have bronze window frames, illuminated steps, inscriptions in floor tiles, a pond for ornamental fish and custom-made furniture, antiques and art.

The floor space of the building ensemble measures 1.750 square meters. The private living area, which extends over two floors, covers 283 square meters. In the bedroom a walk-in closet, the doors fitted with mirrors; a kneeling bench for prayer. The back wall of the kitchenette made of glass, in the living room a fireplace stove. A wooden veranda can be reached from the kitchen and living room.

Tour: Konradinkeller and Chapel

In the episcopal chapel "St. Mary with the Apostles in the Upper Room" with its towering gable roof also opens a door directly from the study. The shelves in this room are fitted with LED light fixtures. In general: LED everywhere. The lighting system of the private apartment, as well as the elaborate media technology in it, can be controlled via several iPads.

Again and again, one comes across statues of saints and paintings with Christian motifs. Where it goes into the depths and thus rocks had to give way, there is also the "Konradinkeller": a meeting room, in which remains of a 12th-century. of the fortified tower, which dates back to the eighteenth century. And there is also – below the chapel – a branch of the cathedral vestry. It houses chasubles and relics.

Controversial total cost: 31 million euros

Belonging to the site, which is surrounded by a medieval wall but fronts what has been newly built, are the Alte Vikarie – a 15th-century. A half-timbered house from the nineteenth century – and a sexton's house from 1904. In the Old Vicarage there are rooms for an episcopal secretariat and a study – with standing desk and crucifix – and a library room on the top floor.

The costs of the construction project on the Domberg amounting to around 31 million euros – of which 6 million were for private use – and the concealment of these costs had a decisive influence on the resignation of Tebartz-van Elst as Bishop of Limburg on 26. March 2014 contributed. In September, the bishop left Limburg and moved into a private apartment in Regensburg. In December, he received a new assignment in Rome as delegate of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization.

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