Corona-related ban on activities a “catastrophe”

Corona-related ban on activities a 'catastrophe'

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The Social Service of Catholic Women points to fatal consequences of a sex purchase ban for prostitutes. Closing brothel operations and banning this activity in the pandemic is a disaster for most prostitutes, he said.

The SkF federal chairwoman, Hildegard Eckert, said in Cologne on Friday. Women would not be able to pay their rent or health insurance premiums as a result.

Women who had been earning their money in the milieu for many years were suddenly left with nothing. According to the SkF, women registered under the Prostitution Protection Act can apply for social assistance in some cases. But most of the women were not entitled to benefits. SkF local associations are currently helping the women with food parcels, cell phone credit and other assistance, thus securing their existence.

Prostitution does not stop with a ban

This situation makes it clear that the ban on buying sex, which is currently being discussed again, is not an alternative. "Prohibitions do not benefit women who voluntarily work in prostitution, nor those who are at the mercy of coercion and violence," it said. For this group in particular, a ban on buying sex would mean having to work illegally and in the greatest uncertainty, according to the Catholic Social Association. It was certain that prostitution would not stop as a result of a ban.

The SkF demanded that the current law be implemented consistently and evaluated before considering a new amendment to the law. There is a considerable need for improvement, for example, in the registration process and in health counseling. In addition, there is an urgent need for research to obtain information on the number and living situation of prostitutes in Germany. "In addition, it requires a clear strengthening of the

Advice and support for those affected. And the women can only be reached if they can work legally," says Eckert.

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