Corona crisis and abuse

Corona crisis and abuse

Starting on Tuesday, one day shorter than usual, and not at the seminary: The fall plenary meeting of the German Bishops' Conference in a good two weeks is dominated by the Corona pandemic – also in terms of content.

The effects of the Corona pandemic and the further processing of sexual abuse are the focus of the fall plenary meeting of the Catholic German Bishops' Conference.

In addition, the 69 Catholic bishops want to discuss a Roman paper on parish reforms, as the Bishops' Conference announced on Monday. At the beginning, the bishops exchanged views with the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic.

One day shorter

Due to the pandemic, the Bishops' Conference shortens its meeting in Fulda by one day. It will not begin on Monday, as is usually the case in the last week of September, but only on Tuesday. The meeting is not held in the seminary next to the cathedral, but in a larger hall in the city palace. The deliberations begin on 22. and end on 24. September.

German Bishops' Conference

The German Bishops' Conference is the association of Catholic bishops in Germany. They head one of the 27 dioceses as local bishops or help as auxiliary bishops. Also included in the conference – even if they are not bishops – are diocesan administrators, who administer a diocese on an interim basis after the resignation or death of a local bishop.

The Bonn-based conference serves to promote common tasks, provide advice and coordinate work. It sets guidelines and maintains ties with other bishops' conferences. The supreme body is the plenary assembly, which meets in the spring and fall.

Spring meetings are held in alternating locations; the fall plenary always meets in Fulda and thus at the tomb of the "Apostle of the Germans," St. Boniface. Currently, the bishops' conference has 69 members. Chairman has been in office since 3. March 2020 Limburg Bishop Georg Batzing. Representing the pope at the plenary sessions is the Apostolic Nuncio to Germany, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic.

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