Concern for peaceful coexistence

Concern for peaceful coexistence

The Catholic German Women's Federation worries about democratic life in Germany. The reason is right-wing populist and extremist currents. In addition, the association calls for a revision of the laws on prostitution.

The Catholic German Women's Federation (KDFB) promotes the strengthening of democracy and opposition to populist and extremist currents in politics and society. Likewise, with a view to human rights and human dignity, the association calls for the revision of existing legislation on the protection of prostitutes. These are the results of the federal delegates' meeting held online in Cologne on Wednesday.

"We are concerned about the rise of right-wing populist and extremist movements in politics and society and their creeping establishment in everyday life. These tendencies contribute to the division of society. They endanger peaceful coexistence and democratic life, which is characterized by justice, solidarity and human dignity," explained KDFB President Maria Flachsbarth.

Sex purchase ban called for in Germany

The KDFB sees democracy and its basic values threatened by the AfD and other populist groups and distances itself from their programs and actions. "Every form of discrimination and disadvantage based on gender, religion, origin, skin color, disability or illness contradicts the Basic Law, human dignity and the values of the KDFB," Flachsbarth emphasized. Inhuman and racist expressions are incompatible therefore with a membership in the woman federation.

The assembly, held digitally for the first time because of the Corona pandemic, also addressed the ie of prostitution. The KDFB demands that the German government introduce a ban on sex purchases in Germany, punish johns, as well as concrete exit programs and assistance for forced prostitutes ("Nordic Model"). As early as 2013, the KDFB had called on politicians to improve the protection of prostitutes and to rigidly limit forced prostitution and human trafficking.

Equal rights for women

Encouragement for further engagement in politics, society and the church, especially for equal rights for women in all areas of life, was given to the participants of the gathering by a video message from Elke Budenbender, wife of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, as it said.

According to its own information, the KDFB has around 180.000 members. Since its founding in 1903, he has campaigned for the equal participation of women in politics, society and the church.

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