Commemorative events planned

Commemorative events planned

In the coming days, the persecuted Yazidis and Christians around the world will be remembered with processions and a church service. Thousands have been killed by the terrorist militia "Islamic State".

With a memorial procession and church service next Wednesday, the Diocese of Munster draws attention to the situation of persecuted Christians and Yazidis in Iraq. The date of the service remember the 3. August 2014, on which IS forces invaded the Shingal area of Iraq, the diocese declared on Friday. Since then, the terrorist militia "Islamic State" has been committing genocide against the Yazidis.

Thousands of this religious minority have been murdered. Women and young girls in IS captivity are abused as sex slaves by IS fighters or sold abroad, lamented the diocese's deputy vicar general, Jochen Reidegeld, who will also lead the service. Christians in the region would also be systematically persecuted and killed. The aim of the terrorists is to expel Yazidis and Christians from the region and wipe them out. "The greatest fear of the persecuted people there is to be forgotten and left alone by the world," Reidegeld said. The service is intended to set an example against this. Before that, according to reports, a commemorative procession is planned through the city of Munster to the cathedral.

Commemorative march in Bielefeld

Yazidis want to demonstrate against the violence of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" in northern Iraq with a march through the city center of Bielefeld lasting several hours on Saturday. The organizers expect 5.000 participants from all over Germany, as the police in Bielefeld announced on Friday. The event is titled "Annual commemoration of the genocide of the Yazidis in Sengal".

The beginning of August marks the second anniversary of the expulsion and murder of members of this religious minority from the northern Iraqi town of Shingal, which the United Nations has described as genocide.


Jesidentum is a religion that is about 4.000 years old religion that combines faith elements and rites of Western Iranian and ancient Mesopotamian religions as well as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Yezidis' origins are in Iraq, northern Syria and southeastern Turkey. Worldwide, at least 800 profess.000 people to the Yazidi faith. The majority of them live in northern Iraq. According to the Yezidi Forum, some 80 live in Germany.000 faithful, most of them in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony.

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