Cleaning car seats – the most effective way to clean your car!

The car seats make in the course of a car life a lot with. Even through normal use, dirt particles rub into the upholstery and the car seats become unsightly over time. But this is not enough. Often there are also additional stains. Often spilled water is enough. It penetrates into the upholstery and dissolves dirt contained in it. After drying, the familiar water stains or edges remain behind. These are also due to the lime and other minerals contained in the water.

In addition, a whole series of other stains can occur. Lemonade, cola, coffee or tea are easily spilled. Especially when the car is in motion or you have children sitting in the back seat. But grease and oil, ketchup and mayonnaise can also get on the car upholstery. Many people like to use the drive-in counters of various fast food providers and then quickly spend their snack break in the car. There is always something that goes wrong. And if you are traveling with small children or pets, you may find more unsavory items such as urine, vomit and pet hair on the upholstery. For more detailed information, please refer to our stain guide.

Fortunately, the cleaning experts are available here with tips for cleaning the inside of your car, so that your car seats will look good again in no time at all. We give you an overview of how to remove dirt and stains from car upholstery with textile and leather covers, as well as floor mats and headliners. However, before you start working, it is essential that you follow the cleaning and care instructions of the respective manufacturer. If you use unsuitable products, you will quickly cause damage to your seat upholstery that is irreversible. Therefore, if in doubt, hire a professional to clean the upholstery. If you want to do it yourself, please test the agent of your choice on an inconspicuous spot of your car seats first.


Cleaning car upholstery and what you should bear in mind in the process!

Textile covers for car upholstery are nowadays often made of synthetic fibers. This makes them mostly robust and easy to clean. In addition, they are usually provided with a dirt-repellent impregnation at the factory. A basic cleaning of the seats and refreshing of the impregnation is therefore only recommended once a year.

Although the popular alcantara looks like suede, it is also a fabric made of synthetic fibers (microfiber). Here you can use the same cleaning agents as for the other textile upholstery covers. Real leather seats, on the other hand, require completely different treatment.

You have the best chance of removing a stain from the upholstery if you immediately try to soak up the spill. absorbent cloths, but also paper kitchen towels, napkins or even paper handkerchiefs are suitable for this purpose. If this is not possible or if a stain remains, you can remove the stain with home remedies after returning home from your trip. This is possible for example with detergents and rinsing agents. Follow our proven 5-step method:

vacuum the entire upholstery thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. This will prevent you from rubbing any loose dirt on the seat into the upholstery fabric when you try to remove the stain.

Mix a cleaning solution of one tablespoon of detergent or dishwashing liquid and 1 1/2 cups of water. Use distilled water, as normal drinking water contains too much lime in most places in germany.

Fill the cleaning solution into a spray bottle, spray the stain and dab up the liquid with an absorbent cloth.

Repeat point 3., until the stain has dissolved.

Allow the treated surface to dry thoroughly before using the seat again.

Please be careful not to use too much water in general. Water that penetrates deep into the upholstery foam will be difficult to get out. Also, modern car seats contain a lot of electronics like actuators and seat heaters that could be damaged by the water.

a now very popular home remedy for cleaning upholstered furniture and car seats is shaving foam. To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Vacuum the car seat thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.
Wipe the stained upholstered surface with a damp cloth.
Then spray the stain with a little shaving foam and spread the foam over the stain with a sponge.
After a few minutes of soaking, remove the shaving foam with a damp cloth.
Finally, allow the treated surface to dry thoroughly.

In many cases, even grease stains have disappeared by then. However, the composition of the shaving foam varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It may be that this method does not work with your brand of car.

chocolate and chewing gum stains often prove to be very stubborn. Unfortunately, the methods described above do not help either. But there is a super expert tip to clean the car seat in such a situation. The remedy of choice is cold spray. Spray the stain and wait a while. Chocolate or chewing gum will become brittle and can be brushed out with a brush.

These are now 3 examples of home remedies that can be used to clean car upholstery. But there are even more possibilities. For more detailed instructions on cleaning car seats with home remedies, please refer to another article on our platform.

But unfortunately the home remedies do not always lead to the hoped-for success. This can be the case for stubborn and difficult stains such as tar and engine oil. But even in the case of old stains and stains that have penetrated deep into the upholstery, cleaning at home often does not work.

At the latest now you should take the help of us professionals and have the car seats professionally cleaned. Experts are also the right address for a complete deep cleaning of all car upholstery. You will be amazed at how great your car looks again after cleaning – and especially how good it smells again.

Cleaning car seats

Cleaning car seats: efficient cleaning of leather seats in just 6 steps!

If you want to clean car upholstery covered with genuine leather, you have to proceed differently. Leather absorbs liquids much less than textile upholstery fabrics. Therefore, there is less risk of stains forming. But of course leather also gets dirty over time. And there is a possibility that it will dry out and become brittle.

To clean a leather car seat, follow these steps:

1. use a soft brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the seats thoroughly. Do not forget to clean the upholstery crevices.

2. Mix water and vinegar in equal parts. It is best to use distilled water.

3. Dampen a clean microfiber cloth with your mixture and wipe all leather upholstery thoroughly with it.

4. Then dry the upholstery with a clean and soft towel.

5. To maintain the leather, mix an emulsion of one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil. Apply this mixture as evenly as possible with a soft cloth in a circular motion and leave it to work overnight.

6. In a final step, polish your leather seats the next day with a soft cloth.

Although this method works quite well, it is certainly still a good idea to have your valuable leather car seats intensively cleaned. The experts at polsterando not only have professional cleaning and care products at their disposal, but also a lot of experience. So you can be sure that you will enjoy your leather seats for a long time.

Car seat cleaning – 4 easy steps on how to clean your floor mats

besides the seats, the footwell in a car is also very susceptible to staining. And here it is especially the floor mats that get a lot of dirt. This is done simply because there can be dirt, stones, leaves and other things on the soles of the driver’s and passengers’ feet that fall off when they get into the car and during the ride.

But also spilled food and drinks almost always end up on the floor mats as well. In addition, there is often packaging and other waste, which is often first deposited in the footwell. It certainly doesn’t make a good impression if the seats are clean and well cared for, but the footwell looks like a garbage dump. Therefore, when you clean the car upholstery, you should also include the floor mats. Proceed in the following 4 steps:

Collect all food scraps, packaging, beverage cups, and other trash from the footwell and dispose of it.

Remove all 4 doormats one by one and knock them out thoroughly. Then put them aside for the time being.

With modern passenger cars the entire foot space is laid out with a textile carpet. Here, too, crumbs, small stones and the like accumulate. Therefore, vacuum out the entire footwell thoroughly. This also includes the area under the seats and around the pedals.

Any stains on floor mats can be removed with the same mixture of washing-up liquid and water that you have already used for the car seats. After drying, put the floor mats back in their respective places.

Cleaning car seats

Cleaning car seats – quick and easy against stubborn dog hair in the car

Pet lovers who take their dogs or cats on trips know the problem. Most dogs and cats shed to a greater or lesser extent. And the hair spreads magically throughout the interior. They can be found even on seats where the animal darling has not been at all.

Most of the time, they get so stuck in the seat covers that even a vacuum cleaner often can’t suck them all away. For these cases there is a good trick:

1. the following items are needed: paint roller, adhesive tape and a pair of scissors

2. Cut adhesive strips to the appropriate length and wrap them tightly around the paint roller with the adhesive side facing outwards

3. Roll the seat cushion and carpet with the paint roller – the hairs remain stuck and can be disposed of together with the adhesive tape. If the tape is so full of hair that it can no longer absorb any, simply wrap a new strip around the paint roller.

Cleaning car upholstery – the headliner of your car also requires care

The headliner in the car is ultimately also made of upholstery fabric or leather with a light padding. Of course, it is far less stressed than the covers of car seats. But here, too, a layer of dust collects over time and the roof lining turns gray.

It is therefore advisable to include the headliner in the big car spring cleaning. In the case of a textile headliner, thorough vacuuming is usually sufficient. Use an upholstery or brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner for this purpose. please be careful not to apply too much pressure.

In many less expensive cars, the upholstery of the headliner is not made of an elastic material, but of a rigid foamed material. If you put a dent here, it will stay with you forever.

If stains do get on the headliner, you can remove them using the same method as described above for car seats.

Use the detergent and distilled water solution you mixed to clean the car seats, spray the solution on the stain and blot it off with an absorbent and clean rag. If necessary, you may have to repeat the process several times.

For a leather headliner, the tips we mentioned above for cleaning and caring for leather seats also apply.

If you have your car seats cleaned anyway, it’s best to ask the experts to take care of the headliner of your car as well.

The polsterando – conclusion:

Car seats are subjected to a lot of wear and tear when the vehicle is used, and this will cause them to become dirty over time. In addition, it can hardly be ruled out that stains from food and drinks or, for example, from engine oil, may also land on the seat upholstery.

Therefore, regular cleaning and care is necessary to maintain the value of the car.Stains should be soaked up immediately after they appear with a cloth or, if necessary, with a paper handkerchief so that they do not penetrate deep into the fabric.

Residues can also be removed later with proven home remedies. Before attempting to clean the seat at home, however, it is important to follow the relevant manufacturer’s instructions and to test the selected agent on a concealed part of the seat.

please also note – leather seats require different care than car seats with a fabric cover. Thorough upholstery cleaning and the removal of difficult stains is best left to professionals.

When you have your car seats cleaned, you can be sure that the process will be gentle but thorough, and that the experienced experts will take care not to damage modern electronic seat components, such as seat heaters. If you have any questions about cleaning car seats, our trained polsterando staff will be happy to answer them.

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