Children as commodity

The German government should become more involved in the fight against child trafficking and child prostitution, the children's relief organization UNICEF has demanded. According to UN estimates, around 1.2 million girls and boys worldwide fall victim to human traffickers every year, deputy UNICEF director Hilde Johnson from New York complained in Berlin on Tuesday. The number of children forced into prostitution and pornography is estimated as high as 1.8 million.

UNICEF calls for better cross-border cooperation against criminal networks. Internet providers and platforms would have to immediately remove child pornographic content from the net and help in the prosecution of the perpetrators. In addition, underage prostitutes from abroad should be granted protection against deportation in Germany, especially if they testify as witnesses against human traffickers and pimps."Every day, around the world, more than 3.000 girls and boys sold like commodities," explained UNICEF ambassador Katja Riemann. The actress demanded that Germany should be a pioneer in the fight against this serious violation of human rights. An important step would be the ratification of the corresponding additional protocol of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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