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nadine sikora 07.01.2020

Especially in winter it is a frequent fear of car owners. You scrape the entire vehicle free, get in, turn the ignition key and.. nothing. In most cases the battery for the "dead" car responsible. But what then? Do you know how to change a changing the car battery?

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First of all, the all-clear: you don’t necessarily have to replace the entire battery car battery change, if the car once does not start. If you can still drive the car after jump starting, the battery was only discharged you may have simply left the lights on by mistake. However, if the car battery has been weakening for some time and the car is taking longer and longer to start, it is time to change the battery. After a good five to seven years, this is perfectly normal. Finally, car batteries are wear items that should be replaced regularly.

Why do car batteries weaken?

Batteries are particularly sensitive in cold conditions. This is because the electricity in the car battery is stored in the form of chemical energy, which is converted into electrical energy when needed. Chemical processes run more slowly in the cold, so less electricity is produced. When the battery warms up, the current will flow normally again. A change of the car battery is therefore usually not necessary.

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In addition to the cold, there are a number of other factors that can damage a car battery. If you mainly drive short distances, the battery will not have time to charge properly. Especially when additional devices such as seat heating or air conditioning are switched on in extreme weather conditions, the battery is simply drained. But even if the car is not driven at all, the battery can become discharged. Some parts, such as the clock, consume power continuously even when the car is switched off.

In these three special cases, however, the car usually starts again with jump-starting assistance and then continues to run normally. However, if the battery has finally gone or is even damaged, you must replace the car battery.

Buying a new car battery: what to consider

When buying a car battery, you must pay particular attention to the technical data. You will find this on the old battery. There is information about the capacity of the battery in ampere hours (Ah), the maximum possible current in amperes (A) and the electrical voltage in volts (V). You should follow the values as closely as possible when buying a new one. You must also pay attention to the correct dimensions. The battery must be as close as possible in height, width and depth to the old model. The position of the plus pole and the type of mounting is also important.

Changing the car battery

Last but not least, consider the type of car battery. If you have a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, a conventional lead battery is usually installed. AGM batteries are now also very popular, especially in vehicles with start-stop systems and electric vehicles. There are also EFB batteries, which are also used in vehicles with start-stop systems, lead-gel batteries, which are mainly used in electric cars, and numerous other types, which are not used very often. The type of battery installed in your car should also be indicated on the battery label. If necessary, you can check the manual of your car.

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Changing the car battery: instructions

  • wrench
  • Pliers

Turn off the car completely. Since the central locking system can be activated when the battery is connected, it is best to remove the key from the ignition as well. Practical tip: if the car battery is removed, the power supply to devices such as the radio and navigation system is temporarily cut off. In some cases, the entry of a security code is required here after the exchange. It is best to find out beforehand.

follow the sequence below exactly, otherwise a short circuit may occur or sparks may fly! When you change the car battery, you should also wear work gloves.

Removing the old car battery

  • Remove battery cover
  • disconnect negative terminal (black cable)
  • Disconnect the positive terminal (red cable)
  • loosen the battery holder and take out the battery

Installation of the new car battery

  • Insert new battery and fix it (not too tight)
  • attach positive pole
  • attach negative terminal
  • Installing the battery cover

practical tip : you should apply some acid-free grease or protective varnish on the pole. This prevents corrosion and oxidation.

however, if you are unsure about changing the battery, it is better to have the work done by a professional. Especially in newer vehicles, so many electronics are installed that, unfortunately, only a few jobs can be done by amateurs without special tools anyway.

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Disposing of the car battery

The old battery should not be disposed of with household waste. In the cities there are special collection points for this purpose. The seller who sold you the new battery is also legally obligated to take your old car battery in exchange for a deposit and dispose of it properly.

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