“Catholic church is not a moral institution”

Time and again, the Catholic Church is portrayed as sexually hostile – wrongly, according to best-selling author Manfred Lutz. The church is by no means a moral institution. However, it has a completely different problem, according to the Catholic theologian.

"In reality, the problem of the church is not church tax, not sexual morality, not celibacy, not the priesthood of women. The problem of the church, of both churches is: People don't believe in God anymore!", said the psychiatrist and Catholic theologian to the magazine "Herder Korrespondenz" (March ie). He doesn't know anyone "who first turns to the Catholic Church to regulate their sex drive".

Church not sexually hostile

In Lutz's estimation, it is "a myth" that the Catholic Church is sexually hostile. Only in the 19. In the nineteenth century, he said, Catholics had adapted to a "Protestant-bourgeois zeitgeist hostile to the body.". In the 20. In the twentieth century, the encyclical on procreation, "Humanae Vitae," had led to a "Catholic identity crisis" because it had ensured that the Catholic Church was "publicly perceived as sexually fixated". "In truth, however, the Catholic Church is not a moral institution; it is a community of people who believe in the incarnation of a loving God," said Lutz, who is a member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity and the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Abortion and condoms

This attitude is also represented by Pope Francis, who in three years has not yet said anything about condoms, said Lutz. He said he is sure Francis will not change the church's stance on abortions and the women's priesthood. But Pope Francis, like Pope Benedict XVI before him, is directing., focus on the essentials of the Christian faith, Lutz said: "On faith in the incarnate God, in a God who is love, who is merciful."

Lutz is chief physician and psychiatrist at the Alexian Hospital in Cologne and has written several books, including "The Blocked Giant. Psychoanalysis of the Catholic Church," "God. A short history of the greatest" and with Paul Josef Cordes "Benedict's legacy and Francis' mission: de-worldlinization. A polemic".

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