Cathedral parish reacts “quite calmly

Cathedral parish reacts 'quite calmly

Climate protection activist Greta Thunberg © Jean-Francois Badias

Cathedral parish reacts 'quite calmly

View of Frankfurt on the Main © Wessam Noufal (shutterstock)

A painting with the portrait of the environmental activist Greta Thunberg has caused a stir in the Frankfurt cathedral. The painting, which is about two meters high, was discovered on Wednesday on a baroque altar of Mary in the vestibule of the Imperial Cathedral.

That said cathedral rector Stefan Scholz on Thursday on request of the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Frankfurt.

The painting showed the 16-year-old climate protection activist in a red blouse in front of a microphone with her right arm raised and her index finger extended and a sheet of paper in her left hand. When a priest informed the sexton of the cathedral about the painting, which apparently also circulated on the Internet, the sexton removed the painting from the altar of the Virgin Mary, in front of which several hundred candles are lit every day, said Scholz.

Cathedral parish reacts "quite calmly"

When the painter of the picture, an art student unknown to the cathedral parish, came into the church building to take his work back, the sexton handed it over to him.

The Frankfurt cathedral parish and also the Catholic city dean Johannes zu Eltz, who had been informed about the incident, had reacted "quite calmly", it was said. The painter had wanted to point the faithful in the church framework with its "artistic intervention" to the concern of the climatic protection, so Scholz. The altar had also remained undamaged. The artistic action was "in no way" vandalism and also had no blasphemous character.

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