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Dacia Spring Business in the car subscription of like2drive

199 € per month incl. VAT

What is a car subscription?

With a car subscription you pay a fixed monthly price for your car.

You can return your car flexibly or exchange it for another model. A car subscription is as flexible as a rental car or carsharing.

You don’t have to worry about registration or insurance. No repair costs.

car subscriptions are already available for less than 200 euros per month.

Car subscription advantages

car subscription money picture
Car subscriptions are flexible
No risk with Auto Abos

Which car subscription providers are there?

car subscription start-ups

Startups like for example finn.Car or cluno own pool of cars of different brands.

  • Different car brands are available
  • Uncomplicated


Car manufacturers are also getting into the car subscription business. For example volvo

  • Service directly from the manufacturer

Car rental provider

Classic rental car providers such as SIXT also rent out their large fleet of cars on a car subscription basis.

  • Quickly available cars

Car subscription platform

Smive, vivelacar or FAAREN work together with car dealers and are so close to the customer.

  • Car dealers near you
  • Quickly available

Car subscription comparison with leasing

car rental car subscription leasing term

additional costs


days to weeks from 1 month from 2 years
incl. Incl. Not included.
low low high

How does a car subscription work??

as an alternative to buying or leasing a car, the option of car subscriptions established. The car is rented at least monthly at a flat rate price. All additional costs (maintenance, wear and tear, car insurance and car tax) are included in the flatrate, only you have to fill up the tank yourself. With auto abo you get an all-round carefree package for a fixed monthly rate.

Depending on the car subscription provider, there are different car models, durations and rental conditions.

What costs are included in the auto-flat rate?

Only you have to refuel yourself. Otherwise, all costs are included: car tax, insurance, maintenance, wear and tear, repair and MOT. all for one fixed monthly price.

Compare car subscription vs. Leasing you have to consider all these costs. Because with leasing you use your own insurance and are also responsible for repairs and maintenance yourself.

What are the additional costs for car subscriptions?

Some providers charge a startup fee. Often, however, this is omitted if a new subscription is concluded at the end of the contract.

With many providers is now a delivery possible in front of your own door. This delivery is sometimes even free of charge. If you want to pick up your car after the term, this usually costs a fee. Of course, you can also bring the car to the provider yourself.

Consumables like windshield wiper fluid, engine oil, adblue you often have to pay yourself, but this is also somehow logical. Here you can find some details.

Are auto-abos too expensive?

The monthly price for a car subscription appears at first glance for some very high. But you should also honestly and fairly compare the alternatives.

A car subscription includes all additional costs. If you own or lease the car, you still have to pay insurance, car taxes, GEZ, repair and maintenance as a cost block. When you add up all these costs for your car, you get a hefty sum too.

Drivers usually lie to themselves about the costs of their own car. Really add up all the costs for your car. You will be surprised what a car costs. Because loss of value, repairs, maintenance and other things are included in the price.

There are now also providers who have specialized in used cars. You do not get a new car in the subscription but a young used car. A provider for car rental used cars is for example abodeinauto.De.

What are the advantages of car subscriptions?

Flat rate: fixed and costs that can be planned, because all costs, except fuel, are included

Who only temporary you need a car (e.g. For project assignments) does not bind himself in the long term to an own car

No risks due to unplanned repair costs or loss of residual value

Anytime current car model

No down payment or purchase costs

Since the insurance is also included, it is quickly worthwhile for drivers who have a bad or no insurance no-claims class have.

No stress for registration at the registration office and insurance. For comparison: you can book a car subscription simply via app without any further effort.

What are the disadvantages and risks of car subscriptions??

All car subscription providers have a mileage limit. If you exceed this, then you have to pay extra. With some offers this is a very reasonable fee.

At long term rental (longer than 1 year) a subscription is usually more expensive than buying or leasing.

Just like leasing you have to take care of the car, scratches and other damages must be compensated. Accidental damage is usually covered by fully comprehensive insurance. So this is comparable to leasing.

Damages due to improper use must be paid by yourself. It’s just like any other leasing contract. Who has children or dogs in the car, should be a little careful here. A car of your own (maybe even an old one) is less complicated in comparison.

The renter is obligated to pay for inspection and maintenance dates (but the costs are covered by the car rental company)

As with rental cars, travel abroad is limited. Europe is mostly possible without problems, you may not be allowed to go to china. Here you have to read the rental conditions.

For whom are car subscriptions suitable?

Car subscriptions are an option for you if you want to ..

You only for one few months you need a car

Often your car change would like

You quickly and uncomplicated you want to have a car

If you only need the car temporarily, then a car subscription might be right for you. If you want to use the car for a long time (several years), then you can also think about leasing or buying because then a car subscription does not make sense. There are also all-inclusive leasing and warranty extensions available. This way you can cover most of the problems.

If you want to change your car often? Then a car subscription would also be something for you. You can subscribe to a car with some providers and change the car regularly. So you can always choose the model you want to drive at the moment. Of course, only if it is available with your provider.

As a help you can use my online calculator for car subscriptions. That gives you a first clue whether purchase or car subscription the better option is.

In the end you have to compare and check what suits you best. A subscription has the great advantage that you only commit yourself for a few months. If it doesn’t fit, you can easily get rid of the car again.

Also use the car subscription advisor to find out if a car subscription is right for you.

For whom is a car subscription worthwhile?

whether a car subscription is worthwhile for you depends very much on your current situation. if you only need a car for a few months then a car subscription is suitable for you. It is too expensive to use it for several years.

Private or business customer?

many providers distinguish between offers for private and business customers.

An important reason for this is the division into insurance classes. privately used cars have to be insured differently than commercially used cars.

It is not advisable for example as a freelancer to book a car for private customers.

Comparison between car subscription and leasing


For car subscriptions the term from one month. Most providers start with a term of 3 months, but depending on the provider there are also offers for 12 months term and more. If you have a long term of more than one year, it might be worth to consider. Rather leasing. The average rental period of car subscriptions is more like 6 months.

A leasing contract is usually concluded for several years – and is therefore more suitable for long-term use.

For cars it is more likely that you will use the car for up to 30 days. For monthly use is then more suitable the long-term rental or a car subscription.

Car subscriptions are flexible

Additional costs

with leasing you use your own car insurance and pay the car taxes yourself. On the other hand car subscription all costs already included in the monthly subscription fee, tax, insurance, wear and tear, repairs and GEZ are also included.

Of course, the monthly price for car subscriptions is higher than for leasing.

Car subscriptions are uncomplicated


Refuel you also have to insure your own car.

With the provider conqar the fuel costs for natural gas are even included.

A comparison table between car rental and leasing can be found here. Read also the comparison between car subscription, leasing and purchase.

What is the difference between a car subscription and a long-term car rental??

Car subscriptions are based on indefinite time and are usually extended automatically after a minimum term. You can then cancel flexibly.

With a long term rental you rent your car for a period of fixed period (just like with normal rental cars).

However, both terms are often used in the same way, because the difference is not that big. And with some providers you can not define it so clearly.

car subscription provider

A list of car subscription providers can be found here.

How do the offers differ?

Actually, a car subscription is quite manageable in comparison, but there are important key data that you need to check for your requirements.

The term is certainly one of the most important criteria. Many users need a car only transitionally for a few months. It would not be smart to commit to a provider for a whole year or longer. You lose flexibility.

Especially if you need a car spontaneously the delivery time very important for you. There are providers where the cars are ordered at booking and then it sometimes takes 1-2 months until the car is delivered. Other providers, for example SIXT FLAT or FAAREN, have the cars in stock and the delivery is done in a few days.

You should also check the deductible compare for comprehensive damage. It is mostly somewhere between 500 and 1000 euro. Check if it suits you.

With the auto-abo booking, you are committed to a mileage package fixed. So you have a quota of kilometers you are allowed to drive per year or month. With some contracts you are not allowed to drive more than agreed in the contract (cluno has a certain tolerance). For other contracts like. With like2drive or SIXT+ you are allowed to drive more – each additional kilometer will be charged with a kilometer price afterwards. You should plan well before booking how many kilometers you want to drive with the car and compare the offers accordingly.

Additional kilometers are incurred when you have exceeded your free kilometers. The price range is from currently 15 cents/km at like2drive or up to over 50 cents. This depends on your contract period and the value of the booked car.

Oh yes price is of course also an important criterion in the comparison. But do not only look at the price. The car must fit you and also the above points must meet your requirements.

You want to drive an electric car? Or rather try natural gas? New drive technologies can be tested very well with a car subscription. Because you do not bind yourself so long. To help you I also have filter by fuel built in (so to speak a fuel filter 😉 ).

What do I have to consider when choosing a provider??

The deductible for comprehensive damage must be suitable for you. Often you have to pay up to 1000 euro deductible in case of a claim. With SIXT+ you can reduce this deductible or lower it to 0 euro, but the monthly price rises sharply. You can also take out a rental car insurance (allianz, hansemerkur or similar) and reduce the deductible further.

The minimum age is often 21 years, but there are also offers for beginners from 18 years. But this is usually in the rental conditions of the provider in it.

Additional drivers are handled differently by each provider. Often family members are included additional drivers must be registered.

repairs or maintenance have to be coordinated with your provider in most cases. Most of the time you can just drive to a garage near you and your auto-abo provider will pay the bill.

For the rental of a car subscription, a schufa information is necessary for the most providers.

What is a subscription.De?

Subscription driving.De is a comparison and information portal for car subscriptions.

Here I provide a free price comparison for car subscriptions. For this purpose, the individual offers are bundled and can be selected here with filters.

you can filter by fuel and for example filter by e-car – in case you want to drive an electric car. Filter by minimum term to find offers with short terms. Or you want to drive BMW? You can filter by car brand to start a price comparison.

Important data are also the prices for additional kilometers or the delivery time. These data I also show, if available, so you have a good comparison between the offers.

Subscription.De does not offer auto-abo itself. I link here only to offers of the individual providers and offer a free auto subscription price comparison.

The number of providers in the price comparison is regularly expanded. My goal is it here beside the supraregional offers on regional offerers to take up.

The goal is to include as many offers as possible, so you can easily compare the auto-abo offers. In addition, the most important key data of the individual offers are also presented. I try to get as much information as possible about the individual cars to make the car subscriptions comparable.

How are the offers sorted?

The offers in the auto subscription search engine are sorted by price. If there are matching sponsored offers, they will be displayed before the other search results.

I try to collect information about the individual car subscription offers here. If something is missing or incorrect, please send a short message to me. If you yourself are a provider and your offers should be listed here, then contact me, let’s see how we can do it.

For further ideas of cooperation I am always ready, please just contact me.

How independent is the auto abo price comparison from abofahren.De?

I present all offers available to me in the car subscription comparison – regardless of whether I have a cooperation with the provider or not. This ensures that the user can find the best car subscription for him or her.

I have a cooperation with some providers and get the offers for my price comparison at your disposal. With many other providers I have no cooperation and therefore no offers for my price comparison available. That is why I read the offers of many providers directly from their websites.

How does the car subscription price comparison work?

in the price comparison i aggregate the car subscription offers of several providers for an independent car subscription comparison.

Some providers send their subscription offers directly to me. For other providers I have programmed crawlers that read the offers directly from their websites.

In any case, I try to find as many details of the offers as possible and work them up for the car subscription price comparison.

Which car subscription providers does the car subscription price comparison support??

Currently, the car subscriptions of the following providers are shown in the price comparison:

Eleese.Now , KINTO flex , carship.Online , cluno , smive , flexxdrive , abodeinauto , MHC mobility , CONQAR , ECHT FLAT , carminga , FAAREN , care by volvo , vivelacar , HUK autowelt , PSA retail , like2drive , shell recharge , sharetec , SIXT+ , finn.Car

Which provider are you missing? Please write it to me.

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